Why learn English?

Have you ever wondered why many are learning English? People invest so much money, time and effort just to acquire fluency in this language ~ but why? How about you? What’s your story?

I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts ever since I was hooked up to this world of teaching. I hope you could give a few minutes of your time.

Now, let me tell you, I’ve been in the teaching industry for many years and I must say, learning a language has never been a piece of cake. I am a learner myself so I truly understand the challenges that come with learning a new language and not being able to express yourself.

I’m surrounded with people who seem faultless in this language (both natives and non-native speakers) . However, that doesn’t make them perfect in all aspects of English. Trust me, they have flaws too. For instance, they unconsciously use words that don’t seem grammatically accurate. They don’t always spell out vocabularies correctly and even clueless of some words. So if you think that there’s ”perfect English” or ”perfect grammar” – you better think again.

Know that you are not alone. Don’t pressure yourself too much. Breath in, breath out! Everything you do takes time. Have patience and don’t let it consume you. Each one of us are different. You learn differently, you succeed differently. Be it a slow or fast way of achieving your goal but it’s okay. Eventually you’ll get there in no time.

Over the years, I have taken the time to understand how ESL learners best react to online lessons and that is through repetition and practice. Through repetition, a skill is rehearsed over time and bit by bit becomes easier. Moreover, when you practice, it helps enhance your skills and make you better at what you do. If you routinely practice a certain skill, you will become good at it and that’s pretty much applicable to whatever goal you want to achieve.

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