Imperatives : (How To Give Directions and Instructions)

Activity 1: 

In English, we use the imperative form to give instructions, give directions, give orders, or make requests. We can use the imperative in positive and negative forms. We add the word ”please” to say it in a polite way.

Be quiet.

Do your homework.

Go to sleep.

Feed the dog.

Open your book .

Study English.

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*To add politeness when giving instructions/orders/requests – use ”please”.

Example: Please be quiet.

Don’t be noisy.

Don’t sleep late.

Don’t cheat to your partner.

Don’t drink alcohol.

Don’t smoke.

Don’t gossip .

Turn right

Turn left

Go straight

Activity 2:

Now, make a list of instructions that you hear in a massage parlor, coffee shop, restaurant, and at home.

  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .
  • ____________________________________ .

Activity 3:

Read the sentences and try to rewrite them using the imperative.

1. You need to do your homework.

___________________________________ .

2. You should not use your cellphone in class.

__________________________________________ .

3. You must follow the instructions properly.

____________________________________________ .

Activity 4:

Please watch the video clip and listen carefully. Give at least 3 imperatives that you hear.

(Cropped Vid: 1 min) Credit to the Owner of this video. Sourced from Youtube
Activity 5:

Let’s review what we’ve learned so far.

  • When do we use imperatives?
  • What are the words we use in giving directions?
  • Can we use a negative imperative?
  • How do you give orders or make requests politely?
  • Please give 3 examples of imperatives .

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