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Learn English without breaking your bank.

The use of video in virtual classrooms is undoubtedly present in today’s world of teaching. However, many seem to take for granted the slight downside of it toward learners. Let’s say, a student who is introvert learns better without showing his/her identity or face. How many students do you think have the same sentiments? I bet, many teachers feel the same way too. I myself prefer to work and be perky with no camera focusing on my every angle.

Audio only class not only gives you the freedom to speak without being conscious of your move and facial expression but most importantly, it helps you improve your listening skill. This is essential to develop language proficiency and for the development of the speaking skill in general. Without the use of video in class, one tend to pay more attention to the speaker’s accent, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. You become more focused on what you hear and try your best in grasping the meaning of it. This is one of the many strategies that works best for some learners.

In my class, I prioritize speaking more than anything else so if your goal is to improve your skill in this aspect- I can certainly help you. I’m interested in many different topics and happy to work in whatever manner best suits your goals and interests.

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DISCOUNTED One-on-One Online ESL Audio Only Class

✩ 30 sessions (1 session=25-minute class *can be up to 30-minute) ✩ Audio Only Class ✩ One-on-One ✩ Choose/Suggest a topic (teacher will prepare the lesson material or you provide it) ✩ Lesson materials may come from a textbook, online resources or tutor's own teaching materials ✩ You can postpone the class at least 1 hour before the scheduled class time ; no refund for late notice or absence ✩ Class via Zoom, Skype, KakaoTalk, FB Messenger ✩ FREE chat with the teacher anytime , anywhere via HelloTalk, KakaoTalk, FB Messenger and Skype.


Let me know your preferred class schedule so I can adjust mine.

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