Skills You Can Learn During Home Quarantine

1. Learn a new language

Sky is your limit to learning something while being at home. Especially if you have a decent internet connection, you can search pretty much everything. Learning a language is just one of the many options you have to spend time wisely. I myself is doing it and I am loving it so far. Now, I can speak 2 new languages (Korean and Spanish). In fact, I have learned the Korean alphabet and numbers in less than a day. Meanwhile, my goal at the end of this month is to learn Japanese. If you’re the type of person who likes challenges, this one will definitely be a great pastime for you.

2. Learn to cook a new recipe

There is a plethora of recipes you can find on the web and for as long as you have access to Facebook (which is by the way free in many countries) , Youtube, Instagram, among others ~ you can try and experiment whatever cuisine you wish to learn. In my case, I always search food ideas on Youtube. It’s basically my go-to -app especially when I’m craving and whenever I feel like it.

3. Learn to play a musical instrument

How many musical instruments can you play? Well, if you can play at least one, that’s good. Otherwise, I think now is the time to give it a try. Don’t you think? ツ

4. Learn to be an early riser

Are you a morning person? If not, did you ever try to become one? I certainly believe that one can benefit more on being an early riser, and it is even proven by some research studies. Arguably, getting up early in the morning makes a person more productive and energized. Besides, this practice is even linked to better sleep and happiness, to say the least.

5. Learn sewing

Whether you use a machine or do it by hand doesn’t really matter when your purpose is to make a face mask. I mean, a mask that is now becoming a coveted commodity during this pandemic time. Perhaps not many of us would like the idea of sewing, but it certainly isn’t a bad pastime either.

6. Learn to type faster

This is probably my favorite one. I’ve always wanted to be a fast typer but didn’t really get the chance of practicing it. I blame it to my stubborn best friend called procrastination. Fast forward to 2020 -the COVID 19 outbreak. The lockdown here and there, home quarantine, self quarantine, community quarantine and all that shit. Because of this unforeseeable crisis, I couldn’t have thought of improving my typing skill just coz I was bored. You can do it too. ツ

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