How to Negotiate a Salary Offer | Write a Counter-Offer Like a Pro | With Sample Email Based on Experience

Have you ever tried countering an offer? Was it easy? Did you succeed on getting the salary of your dreams?

While I’m so curious about your story -I’d like to share mine.

Once upon a time ツ , I applied for a home-based online job and was lucky enough to get noticed. Well, I eventually got the job, but I wasn’t thrilled with the offer. You know what I did? I confidently countered-offer. I mean, shamelessly. Hahaha

Fast forward my story … It was successful! I didn’t expect it at all.

They said that if you negotiate or counter the salary offer, you’ll end up losing the opportunity for that job offer altogether. Uhm that sounds scary, right? However, if you do it in a reasonable and professional way, you’ll have a chance. A slim chance to be exact. So, why take the risk of doing it if you know you’ll only have little to no chance of getting a favorable result?

In my case, whenever I feel the need to negotiate, I always open my mind to possibilities that I may lose the offer. When it comes to money, it’s tricky, awkward and can be very daunting to talk about during the job application process. But this shouldn’t be something to be scared of. We have the right to weigh our options, know our worth, and this is one way of doing it. There’s nothing wrong in trying, but we must do it with mindfulness.

I have tried this art of counter-offer for about 5 times (if my memory serves me well). Out of 5, I succeeded twice. Not even kidding! I’ll show you my email where I did negotiate a salary offer. I had a hard time finding this one, so… -you’re welcome.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to write when you counter-offer. Good luck!

Comment down below if you have questions or anything you’d like to say.


Thank you and keep safe! ღ

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