No Job? Try These Online ESL Schools Currently Hiring During Pandemic|Pay Starts at 4 USD Per Hour

Hello everyone! How are you holding up? I hope this post finds you well -really.

Now, I’d like to share with you these companies that I currently applied for. So to those who don’t know much about me or perhaps new to my site —one of my hobbies is to apply for companies (chuckle). Not even kidding! This may sound crazy but yeah I really do. Note that I only do this after thorough research (if the company is legit and the pay is fairly reasonable).

The compensation for every teacher varies greatly, and this isn’t surprising for us anymore. I mean, for us Filipinos in particular, since we are considered non-native English speakers for most companies, we know how this industry works when it comes to pay. In my case, I don’t take this as a drawback. Why? Coz there’s so much you can do to leverage your talent in teaching —all you have to do is to know your options. Knowing your options means knowing your worth. Though it wouldn’t be a walk in the park at first, but once you build that confidence together with your wealth of knowledge and skills —sky is your limit.

Okay, let me stop beating around the bush. Here it is ↴

Linguage Inc.

Japanese owned company in Cebu City, Philippines .(This company is originally an office-based online platform but due to the pandemic situation, they temporarily shifted to home-based. Not all of their teachers are working at home though.)

Teachers are 100% Filipinos. (I have no clue if they accept applications outside the Philippines nor consider other nationalities.)

Students are 100% Japanese (Junior/High School)

One-on-one class

Students are mostly in the school during the class with the supervision of a Japanese or foreign teacher.

Flexible schedule , you can open a shift from morning till afternoon (Interestingly, there is no specific time to open a slot in the morning or afternoon, however, you can plot a schedule from 8AM to 4PM since school time normally begins at 8 AM and ends at 4PM in Japan. Therefore, no evening classes .)

No required minimum number of hours to work, so you can pretty much work whenever you like

Classes are done thru Zoom or LiveOn (You’ll know more about LiveOn once you’re on board.)

Use of camera in class is strictly mandatory for teachers

You can use whatever functional headset you have as long as it is perfectly working or decent enough for conducting a class. The company won’t require you to buy a noise-cancelling or fancy headphone. You can even use an earphone (like the ones you use on your phone).

There is a curriculum to follow and teachers are not allowed to use supplemental lesson materials (no props, whiteboard, teaching aids or whatever that is).

Should have a plain white background and proper dress code (plain collared shirt, no prints or designs, with sleeves)

It is compulsory to leave a feedback/comment to your students after each class. This should be done as soon as you finish the class or before 4PM. If you miss this part, you won’t get paid for that particular class.

1 class is equal to 25 minutes and the rate per class is 100 PhP which means, 200 Php/hour or approximately 4 USD/hour

You are considered an independent contractor NOT an employee of them. Therefore, no gov’t benefits. Only those who are working in their office are called ”employees” like office-based online teachers who are tenured already, HR staffs, and IT’s.

They also cater adult learners and classes are in Business English. However, for home-based teachers, the option is only to teach junior/high school.

No referral bonus if you refer someone to apply to their company.

What I don’t like about this company though they pay 200 Php/hour is that, they continuously/endlessly hire many teachers even though they only have few students. They have higher rate than others but that doesn’t mean they’re the highest-paying one out there. So, if you’re cool with very few to no classes in a day, week, or month —then, go for it.

Now that you have all the important information about Linguage Inc., are you convinced to apply? If yes, just go to their website to get started with your application.

By the way, please know that I won’t get any incentive or referral bonus from doing this. I’m simply sharing this information to help those who are still seeking employment.

Application process:

Step 1: Go to the Linguage Inc. website➳Apply with all required materials (Resume, Cover Letter)
Step 2: Proficiency Test
Step 3: Connection Test with an IT specialist and a 10-minute demo-lesson with a teacher
Step 4: Three-day PAID Orientation/Training (8AM-4PM ,8 Hours per day -1 hour lunch=7 hours) , you’ll be paid 50 PhP/hour so 7Hrs x 3 days= 21 hrs x 50 Php = 1,050 Php )
Step 5: Signing of agreement

If you want more options about other online ESL companies, please read my previous post about 110 list of online ESL schools.


Russian owned company

Students are mainly from Russia ( Some students are from Czech, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Romania, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Chile, Argentina)

1 class = 25 minutes


Classes are held Monday – Sunday 9:00AM – 8:30PM (GMT+03:00)

Teaching materials are provided, but teachers can use props or other useful instructional materials

Rate: depends on your credentials, experience, interview and demo performance

Filipinos: 4-6 USD per hour , Americans and other natives: 16 USD per hour

Application process:

Step 1: Go to the Novakid website➳Apply with all required materials (Resume, Introductory video …)
Step 2: Pass technical and grammar tests
Step 3: 30-minute interview (including a 10-minute demo-lesson)
Step 4: Final interview (including a 10-15-minute demo-lesson)
Step 5: Signing of contract

That’s it guys! Head to my other blog posts to see more about online teaching topics like 110 online ESL schools that hire native and non-native English speakers, job interview Q & A, ESL intro script, among other things. Good luck! 🙂

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