Recommended Call Center Companies In Cebu City Philippines | They Fairly Compensate Their Employees | Based On Experience

Whether you’re a call center virgin or not, you probably heard about the good and bad of this industry.

There are tons of call centers that pay up to a hundred thousand pesos or even more. But don’t get too excited dear. One must start from the very bottom to reach that point. That means you have to work your way up to get that salary of your dreams. I was once like you. I was often glued to my pc searching for jobs, and finding the highest paying company on almost all job search websites I could think of.

Let’s face it! There is always a hidden agenda in every company and it sucks. For instance, you applied to this company because of their enticing job ad but then you ended up quitting sooner than you expected. Perhaps because of the false hopes and all that stuff. It is normal, and you’ll get used to that. What’s important is you better yourself, continue building your career, and leverage your potential or whatever ability you have. I’ve learned so much from this book that I read recently, and I highly highly recommend it.

Working in a call center can be both wonderful and hideous experience. You probably have ”whys” right now. All I can say is, do what your heart desires, and don’t be scared to try coz there’s so much you can learn working in a call center. Trust me! I learned how to type faster, and I improved my English, to say the least.

Now, if working in a call center crossed your mind, here are two companies that I suggest you to consider.

Executive Boutique

This is an American and Australian-owned call center service and BPO provider located in a state-of-the-art Cebu IT Park office complex. 

Their clients are from the US, UK, Singapore, Canada, Europe and Australia.

They serve a wide range of business segments, such as:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Medical
  • Ecommerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel/Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Not-for-profit
  • Educational
  • Insurance
  • Financial

You can apply as a Customer Service Specialist, Sales Specialist, Tech Support Rep. , Non-voice Rep., among others.

There is a signing bonus of 25,000 + salary (approximately 30,000). If I can recall correctly, my base rate was 20, 000 PhP, and if we add the bonus and incentives, it would roughly be about 35, 000 – 40, 000 PhP per month (before deductions). I wasn’t new to the industry, so I felt fairly compensated when I was with them.

What I like about EB are the people, the bosses, and the environment. Although, other companies have better or nicer facilities, but EB’s office felt like home. I didn’t feel like I was walking on eggshells. My bosses were wonderful, and they made me feel at ease all the time.

How to apply? Just search using these keywords and you’ll see their job ads ‘‘EB call center jobs”.


This company was one of the first contact centers in the Philippines in 2002, and now it has two locations – Manila and Cebu, with over 2500 seats.

Just like in EB, you can apply as a Customer Service Specialist, Sales Specialist, Tech Support Rep. , Non-voice Rep., among others.

Programs and Services include:

Customer Service and Account Support Escalations
Billing and Payment Support
Technical Support
Product/Service Support
Website Navigation Support
Inbound Sales and Order Entry
Travel Reservations
Outbound/Inbound BTB Programs
Quality Monitoring Programs
Web and Data Mining
Social Media Support
Fraud Prevention/Account Integrity
Content Moderation

Back then, my base salary was about 15, 000 PhP when I was just a newbie. That excludes the incentives and bonuses. So, my net income (before deductions) ranged from 20, 000 – 35, 000 PhP a month. I was a CSR, and it seemed like my paycheck was mainly dependent on the good feedbacks/scores from my callers or customers. If I resolved their issue or if they found me charming over-the-phone (lol) ,that’s when they care to give you a high rating and even leave a nice comment. This reminds me of the word ”kudos”. You’ll definitely learn this word when you become a call center agent.

There were 4 things that stood out for me about ePer. First was definitely the billiard table. I mean, you can play billiard during your break and it’s free. I grew up playing this game, so it was the main reason why I applied there. Not kidding! I loved it! In fact, I joined the tournament, and I was the only female.

Second thing was the people like my co-workers and bosses (TLs, Coaches, PAs). Third, the facilities. They have the coziest sofa, sleeping lounge, plus free coffee, movie and all that stuff. Lastly, the training. Although the training was extensive and I guess the lengthiest of all the call center trainings out there, but it was worth it. Anyway, they give the training fee every day, so you won’t be starved while on it.

By the way, I am no longer connected to these companies, so the information I provided was purely based on my experience and memory. I suggest you search more about the companies you have in mind. Make google your bestfriend. You can pretty much get an answer to whatever question you have like the salary, you can find them easily on the web.

I wish you all the best loves!

You may check this book to help you land a job or check out my previous blog posts about writing an effective resume and becoming an online ESL teacher.


Good luck and stay safe! ♥

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