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Planning to panic-buy? I mean, are you thinking of buying some goods in the new Ayala Supermarket? If yes, well you got to read this.

Few weeks ago, when I first went there, I was annoyed coz I spent hours waiting for my turn to enter the premise but still ended up quitting the ‘waiting game’. : D Although there was only one line to follow but it was still a pain in the ass. Uhm … you can say I’m impatient (chuckle).

Fast forward to today, 18th of July 2020, I went back there for a quick shopping. I was following the line (as I should) but this time was with a smile : – ) thinking that the situation was way better than before. There were only few people waiting so I was tempted to stay.

Tadaaa! It was just a bait after all. Take a look! Just to set your expectation, there are 4 waiting lines in this supermarket. Not bad for someone who’s patient enough. : D

I guess waiting doesn’t really matter if you’re not in a hurry but when you do, you have to prepared for this. Nobody wants to get pissed —especially during this time.

My other advice is to always bring a shopping bag or a foldable shopping trolley with you coz Ayala Supermarket do not use plastic bags every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

We all want to be environmentally-friendly, but paper bags are annoying. So, what’s best to do is to bring our own shopping bags. We can save, recycle and help the world. <3

By the way, here’s the schedule of the store effective July 18, 2020 until further notice :

If you have questions, please shoot me one on the comment section and I’ll be glad to answer them. I don’t have answers to everything, that’s a promise. : D

Thanks for dropping by loves! Stay safe! ♡

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