20 Job Interview Mistakes – Reasons Why You Did Not Get The Job – Common Job Interview Failure

If you are invited for an interview —chances are they like your resume and you have what it takes to be an asset of the company. So, why screw the interview if you know you’re likely to get the job —right?

Well, we can’t be certain that the job interview will go smoothly as we plan it, so it’s vital to do these 3 steps:




Let’s assumed that you did all the preparations, and you thought that the interview went just fine —you were able to answer the questions, and dressed up fabulously. However, there’s no update after almost a week or you got an email saying ”You may apply after 6 months.”

20 Possible Reasons Why You Failed The Job Interview:

First: You’re too gorgeous!

Aww! (You’re blushing.)

Here are the common reasons below:

  1. The interviewer didn’t have a good impression of you.
  2. You were late on your interview.
  3. You didn’t dress up appropriately/properly for your interview.
  4. You looked tired, unready, or worst —intoxicated.
  5. You sounded unprepared and nervous.
  6. The interviewer wasn’t impressed with your answers.
  7. You weren’t able to answer some of the questions.
  8. There were inconsistencies in your answers.
  9. There were errors in grammar, pronunciation, and the like.
  10. You sounded arrogant, or boastful on your interview.
  11. You’re overqualified (based on qualifications and the way you answer the questions).
  12. Your salary expectation is too high or unrealistic.
  13. You cannot start the job as soon as possible (if hired).
  14. You asked too many questions to the interview.
  15. You said something bad about your previous company.
  16. The interviewer didn’t like the reason of why you left your previous job.
  17. It was obvious that you memorize your answers.
  18. Your internet connection was sluggish, your background was messy, noisy, and the audio was bad, among others.
  19. You lied on your resume.
  20. You mistook them for another company.

Which one from this list relates to your experience?

Have you ever been rejected on a job interview?

Please feel free to post your comments down below.

If you’re still seeking for work —just hang in there dear! You got this! ♥

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