Recommended Internet Service Provider for Online Teachers or Freelancers from the Philippines

I’ve been working as a freelancer for many years, so I’ve tried it all.

Philippine internet? It sucks! It really is —right? Anyone who’s living in the Philippines will absolutely nod in agreement to this. Whether it’s a tourist or a local resident —they all have their fair share of stress when it comes to the unpredictable and sluggish internet.

Regardless of the type of connection you’re subscribed into ( Wireless, Mobile, Hotspot, Broadband, or whatever that is) —there’s no guarantee that your connection is flawless. I mean, expect for imperfections. Welcome to the Philippines!

This Is By far My Best Internet Experience in The Philippines

PLDT FIBR PLAN (with a monthly subscription of 1,899)

Among all the ISPs out there that I’ve experienced (with subscriptions ranging from 1,300 – 5,000) —this is by far better than the rest of them (except if you choose the one with the most expensive plan from other ISPs).

Although there were times that I was raving cuz of a sudden internet problem —but, as I mentioned, this is way better than Globe (for example).

Make sure that nobody’s downloading or uploading a large/heavy file while you’re at work cuz it will certainly affect your connection. This is when speed test apps come into play —it will never lie to you.

Here’s my real time speed test:

(Wireless or Not Connected to a LAN Cable)

(Connected to a LAN Cable)

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