Honest Review About Engoo (formerly known as Bibo Global Opportunity)

I was a part-timer in Engoo many years ago, and the rate used to be ₱55 per 25-minute class or ₱110/hour. If I’m not mistaken, they increase the hourly rate to ₱120. (Hmm..still low)

Engoo was my first online ESL teaching platform, so when I was just starting —I wasn’t very uncomplacent unlike today (chuckle).

Although the pay wasn’t great in Engoo and still is —but I continued working for them for about a year. I occasionally plotted my schedule just to keep my account active (since I was a freelancer and can choose my own schedule) coz I knew I need it to add up to my portfolio. So I worked my way up in ESL industry, and part of my success was my experience with them. Despite all the imperfections of the company, I was able to harness my skill and discovered my potential as someone who’s passionate in teaching —while simultaneously doing other work like working full time in call center, and some private tutorials on the side.

What I Liked About Engoo:

Website : It’s user-friendly. I also like the fact that it’s colorful and cute coz it gives a positive vibe or sets the tone when you start looking up for something.

Lesson Materials (for teacher and students): There is a variety of topics to choose from like Daily News, Business, Health & Lifestyle, For Kids, among others. Besides, you can sort the topics according to the learner’s interest and level —since there are articles especially designed for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and even proficient students. It’s straightforward and uncomplicated to navigate both for the teachers and students. Most importantly, the topics are interesting, up-to-date, and practical for learners—something that would make the teachers’ job a bit easier.

Students: I had a wonderful time with most of my students —they kept me on my toes, and made me better at my craft. Many of them became my friends even up to this day.

Booking System and Has Many Students: Unlike other online ESL companies —Engoo is a legit booking system platform. When potential students visit the site —they can see all the tutors’ profile, and pick which one best suits their interests. So having an introduction video is mandatory in Engoo since it’s where teachers showcase their skills, get noticed by students, and eventually get booked.

If you aren’t ready with your introduction script —I have a sample scripts for you. Watch my Youtube video or go to my previous blog post.

COE (Certificate of Employment): I was very pleased when they promptly responded and processed my request for COE —something I didn’t expect to be delivered within 48 hours (chuckle).

What I Disliked About Engoo:

Pay: I didn’t feel that I was fairly compensated while working with them. Although there were bonuses and incentives —but it wasn’t helping me to make ends meet. As mentioned above —my rate was 110 Php per hour (I’ve heard that they increased the rate, so I suggest searching more info about it).

The Management: There was an incident where I reported a pervert student —and the outcome wasn’t something I anticipated. The company clearly didn’t care about me (teachers or employees) —coz they only care about their students (whom they can make money with). That was the point where I stopped working for them.

I aim to be a valuable resource to everyone who share the same passion with me, so I hope that this post will give you some insights about Engoo.

You must be reading this because you’re planning to apply as an online teacher, you’re invited for an interview, or about to start your first class with them. No matter what you’re up to right now —please know that this post isn’t meant to scare or discourage you.

If you have questions, or whatever that is you wish to talk about —feel free to contact me or simply comment down below. I’ll be glad to read and reply to them.

Thank you for reading till the end. Keep safe! ♥

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