Why I Left Weblio Before Even Starting My First Class

You must be reading this because you’re planning to apply as an online teacher, you’re invited for an interview, or about to start your first class with them.

Many years ago, I applied for the online ESL teacher position in Weblio and got accepted.

After completing all the necessary requirements —and when I was all set to start plotting my schedule —I decided to back out. Why?

Good thing it wasn’t a long story (chuckle).

Uhm —the main reason why I quit was because the website/platform where we plot our shifts and access the lesson materials weren’t user-friendly. I found it confusing and annoying to navigate —so I did not push through with it.

It may seem so simple and unreasonable —but it did matter to me.

The pay? It wasn’t great but I guess it can help someone get by.

Here’s a screenshot of the offered rate I received through email:

I do have a list of their current rates (which I got from their website) ↴

I don’t think they have this ranking thing before —but it looks like their rate is somehow better now.

Here’s What I Know About Weblio So Far

  • Students are Japanese.
  • You need to provide a link of your video introduction from Youtube.

(Watch my Youtube video if you still don’t have an intro script or check my previous blog post.)

  • It’s a booking system.
  • (Once hired) Inactivity (no plotted shifts or no classes) for two consecutive months will result to termination of your contract.
  • They pay teachers thru BDO (no idea if it is still their mode of payment or if they offer other options).

I’ve been trying to scan my emails just to check if there’s something I can add to this post —but this is all I’ve got.

I do have some of their emails but I thought it would be best not to post it here for confidentiality reasons (except for the screenshot above about the rate just in case you guys want to see it).

So just to clarify —I never had a class in Weblio, never received a payment or whatsoever from the company. My knowledge about them was merely based on my experience from the moment I applied for the position till the day I decided to quit.

My opinion or experience may not be the same from others, so I hope that this blog post won’t discourage you in pursuing your ESL teaching journey with them.

I aim to be a valuable resource to everyone who share the same passion with me, so I hope that this will somehow give you insights about Weblio Philippines.

If you have questions, or whatever that is you wish to talk about —feel free to contact me or simply comment down below. I’ll be glad to read and reply to them.

Thank you for reading till the end. Keep safe! ♥

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