Honest Review About Bizmates Philippines Inc.

Back when I was hired to teach at Bizmates —the most annoying thing I had was the tiresome and displeasing BIR registration.

If you consider applying for a teaching position at Bizmates —be prepared for all the filing of income tax here and there. I hated it. It was definitely something I wish I would’ve not done.

And by the way! Filing of tax is not optional, and it isn’t a walk in the park either.

Anyway, after days of completing all the BIR requirements—I was finally a law-abiding freelancer (lol).

But guess what!

I did not continue with it. I mean, I didn’t pursue working for Bizmates. When it was time to plot my shifts —I decided to withdraw from it. It was simply because of the stringent and ludicrous policies.

On their job postings they claimed that the salary is this and that but it wasn’t the case on the agreement/contract. The teacher’s entry rate (not sure if there’s a possibility of increase) was a little bit more than Engoo.

I was interested with Bizmates because of the fact that I get a chance to teach business English. I prefer teaching adults, so I liked the idea of teaching business professionals. But the pay and the stress in regularly filing the tax don’t seem worth it at all.

The biggest downside was really the filing of tax.

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