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To those who’s been following my blog since day 1 —you probably know that ESL job-hopping is kinda my thing (chuckle) in this pandemic time.

In this post —I’d like to share with you my experience applying for an online ESL teacher position at Sankei and TalkDay1. I’ve applied to quite many companies these days —only to find out their precise rate for Filipino teachers.

Do you always believe the salary listed on every job posting? Well —I simply don’t.

Why isn’t salary always listed on a job posting? Coz they can’t entice job seekers if they show the numbers or no one would bother applying for them coz the rate is too low.

Most companies out there want you to exert some effort, time, and energy —that way, it wouldn’t be easy for you to turn down the offer in case you’re not pleased with it.

Since I started this website —I aim to be a valuable resource to everyone, so I thought of creating more content about something as authentic as this. So here I am —testing some companies for you. But please know that I don’t always finish the entire application process —simply because there are companies that aren’t worth the time. If the company looks, feels, seems a waste of time —then, I don’t proceed further with it. I hope you’ll (try) do the same thing too. Your time is precious.

Now, let’s start with

Sankei Online English – My Awful Experience

Not long ago —I came across this company and decided to send my application. After doing some research, I was curious about the rate they offer to teachers.

I received an invitation from them for an interview and was scheduled for a meeting through Skype at 5:30 PM.

Wow! Very demanding yet they pay cheaply
I wonder how much do they charge their students per class

To make the long story short (not really short..sorry) —I got a call from a drunk-sounding Japanese man. During the onset of the conversation (when we were chatting through Skype) —I already noticed something odd about the interviewer’s responses. My interview was supposedly at 5:30 but he contacted me around 3:50 and demanded to have the interview at 4PM. As the applicant —I just agreed with it. He didn’t care about the set schedule at all. The message was like this —”Let’s have the interview at 4.”

The moment I heard him say something —I was wondering (at the back of my mind), coz I thought my interviewer would be Filipino —something that is likely to happen when you apply for a company that’s situated in the Philippines. But the issue wasn’t the interviewer’s nationality —it was the attitude. He was awful.

I was prepared for the interview. My camera was on, and his was not. There was no greeting at the beginning of the meeting. It was just pure impertinence and intimidation. My experience was a nightmare. That Japanese man has no respect to Filipinos.

During the interview, he asked questions and spoke to me in a slighting manner. Something like ”So why did you apply in Sankei? ..Ah.. coz you need money.. you need more peso..(with a sarcastic laugh) more income so you can buy something”. This is just one of the many offensive statements from him. It was the rudest interview of my life.

The salary? It’s 90 as in NINETY PESOS per hour (100 if you’re lucky).

He sounded proud that the rate is 90 pesos. As if the rate is too big for Filipinos. I clearly remember my exit statement —”Thank you for your time, but I don’t think I’d like to continue with this conversation.”

TalkDay1 – It sucks!

If I’m asked to describe my experience with TalkDay1, it would probably be —”It sucks!”

No disrespect to others who are part or behind this company —but my experience during the interview with a Korean man wasn’t a pleasant one.

The interview was very similar to my experience with Sankei. The only difference is that —I’d love to use the word ”arrogant” in describing the interviewer. Why? Coz he is simply like it. He expects you to respond very quickly to his messages (prior the interview or demo) well in fact, he can’t even attend on time during the interview.

Truth be told, I argued with this Korean man thru chat coz he was cocky and I couldn’t help but say something. Although I know I am the applicant —but that doesn’t make him have the right to act like Pontius Pilate. Respect begets respect.

He talks about his company as if it’s the only online ESL company on the planet. He has this sarcastic laugh that would want you to hang up the phone. He will tell you about how his school works, how the teacher should teach and the way the students learn —and if you express your ideas or ask something —he’ll respond sarcastically —as if the question or idea is stupid.

I won’t say that you guys should not bother apply to these companies. As a matter of fact, I suggest trying them and seeing it for yourself. The earlier you experience this indignation—the better.

I truly appreciate your time, so thank you for reading till the end. ♥

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