2 Life-Saver Beverages | How To Drink More Water And Avoid Weight Gain

Many Take For Granted What They Drink

I agree that genetic plays a role in someone’s weight. However, genes don’t always foresee future health condition. If I make myself an example, I’d say that my weight is usually consistent since I reached adulthood, and maybe one factor is that my parents have average body weight. So, you can tell that heredity really comes into play. But let’s not stop there. I have relatives both from my parents’ side who are massive. The bottom-line is, blaming your genes for weighing more won’t help, but working on losing weight can be life-changing.

Though I’m almost out of the calendar, my weight seems unchanging. I know my genes won’t back me up in case I choose to eat oily foods, junk foods, and soft drinks. If they do, it could’ve been amazing, right? I know I have to take charge of my health and pay more attention with what I put in my mouth. The reality is, we have to make an effort to take care of our body: regain weight, lose weight, maintain weight, stay fit, whatever that is that we want.

One thing that humans are obsessed about is the body weight. We dislike looking fat or too thin, so we try everything we could to look great just like everyone else. We’re busy adding another diet plan, exercise, or product and yet we don’t even think of substracting the unhealthy stuffs from our daily routine. We have to eliminate what’s stopping us from achieving our goals. So, if you’re not losing weight coz of the soda you’ve been drinking a lot each week or the sizzling steak that you’re always craving to eat every Saturday, then, you have to think again.

The problem isn’t the predisposing factors that caused you to be at risk at gaining weight than others. The real problem is the system you’re using. The kind of unchanging routine you’re practicing. Change your system, and you’ll see the results you’ve been aiming for. Having a weight that’s ideal for your age and height doesn’t only rely on you going to the gym regularly nor eating a balanced diet all the days of your life. You can start simple —what you’re drinking. So, what have you been drinking lately or regularly?

It’s natural for us to cling to something we’re comfortable with and resist what’s making us uneasy. That’s why when we change something out of the ordinary, it’s vital to take one step at a time. In this blog, I won’t be talking about foods that worked for me. Now, its about the healthy drinks I can’t live without. I said ”healthy” coz these beverages really make me look healthy and feel healthy. I never gained weight ever since I incorporate Boricha and coconut water to my daily life. Now, drinking water has never been easier.

Barley tea or Boricha 보리차 in Korean

I first knew about this kind of tea back in 2012. I worked in an ESL school where one of my students gave me a box of tea. At first, I didn’t like the taste at all but after a few times of drinking (just for the sake of consuming all of it) I did learn to like the taste. It smells good, so it wasn’t difficult to develop a liking for it.

This tea is a staple not only in Korea but in many countries across East Asia. It has a refreshing and toasty taste. What I like most about the barley tea is the aromatic smell that’s very soothing. It feels like you just had an hour massage with a calming music from the background. Imagine when you’re in a massage shop where all you can think of is to relax? That’s the vibe of Boricha.

You can buy a box of this tea from a Korean or Japanese mart. In Japan, they call it ”Mugicha”. The preparation is very simple. The main character is of course your barley tea. Prepare 2 liters of drinking water, boil them for about 5 minutes over high heat (if you’re in a haste), then when it reached it’s boiling point, turn off the stove and soak one tea bag. Let it soak for 10 minutes. Soaking for a long time will make it tastes bitter. I’ve learned this from a Korean friend who drinks Boricha on a daily basis. Now, I drink it everyday too.

Barley tea is what I drink firstly in the morning. Without it, my day is incomplete. This sets the tone of my day. This is the first step to my healthy morning where the second thing I do is yoga. So, imagine drinking some tea right after getting up, then do yoga afterwards? Sounds perfect combination for a perfect morning routine, right?

This is a life-changer for me. I feel better and better each day coz it gives me the excuse I need to avoid drinking coffee. Most importantly, it makes me hydrated and energized all the time. I always look forward to drinking my morning tea, so it’s an effective way to ingest water into your system effortlessly.

Boricha can be enjoyed on a warm, hot, or cold beverage. I personally love hot Boricha in the morning, and my friend likes it when it’s warm. In Korean restaurants, you’ll usually see them serve a cold barley tea.

Is It Safe To Drink Barley Tea Everyday?

In my opinion, yes. Of course I did my research on this. Barley tea isn’t like a coffee or other teas that contain caffeine. So, Boricha is caffeine free as well as calorie free. It’s rich in fiber and antioxidants too. In fact, many Asian countries use it in traditional medicine, and millions of households consider it as their daily beverage.

Though this tea has wonderful effects to our body, it’s best to be cautious before drinking it. Consult your doctor if you’re okay to drink it. Some people may develop allergies or the like, so seek advice from an expert. This blog post is for informational purposes only. Please read on your own risk.

Coconut Water

I’m not sure about you but I go nuts on coconut water. I would never exchange it over a soda that drastically increases my belly fat and kills me slowly. I know a lot of people who are not a fan of coconut water but enjoys it when mixed with other ingredients. Though there’s a ton of ways to incorporate the coco water to my diet but I prefer drinking it plainly or simply. To be honest, I find it hard sometimes to decipher why there are individuals who dislike the taste of this ‘dew from the heavens’ (that’s how Hawaiians call it).

If Boricha became a staple beverage in my household, coconut water probably competes with it. In my previous post, I talked about coconut meat, and how crazy I am about it. This time, it’s about this amazing coconut water. Many of my friends don’t care when I talk about the coconut water which I totally get now. Perhaps, they didn’t grow up drinking it or prefer other appetizing beverages.

What’s In It For Me If I Drink Coconut Water?

Nobody can stress enough the importance of drinking water. Dehydration, constipation, kidney problems, and even change of mood are just a few of the many repercussions of not drinking adequate amount of water a day.

If you’re the type of person who hates drinking water (like what I used to) —then, go for this one. According to a global business news publication called Quartz, coconut water is made up of 94% water, so consuming let’s say a moderate amount of coco water a day will have greater health benefits for you.

I usually drink coco water after lunch or in the afternoon. You may drink it warm or cold. When you just crack open either a young or mature coconut, it tastes best when you drink it right away. But if you decide to drink it at a later time, make sure to store it in the fridge to preserve the taste. Coconut water doesn’t stay fresh after opening it. You’ll know it’s spoiled when the taste is bad and smells awful.

I can’t believe how I changed from someone who barely drinks a glass of water to someone who goes to the restroom 6-8 times a day. Without a doubt, I drink more than 8 glasses of water. It’s insane coz I used to scorn drinking plain water, really. Thanks to Boricha and coconut water. They’re my life-saver, and my mom couldn’t be any happier (chuckle).

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