How To Remove Dog Tear Stains In Seconds | Very Quick And Easy

Caring for a pet is like caring for your own human child. Arguably, the obvious difference is that, they can’t talk back at you when they’re all grown up (chuckle). It requires so much time, effort, and commitment.

I only have one dog but the amount of time spent in taking care of her feels like greater than a 9-5 job. Though it can be taxing at times, it’s worth it. My pup is my therapy for everything, so it doesn’t matter how much time and effort I put up for her.

When you’re at this point where you develop so much affection for your pet, you’ll realize your priorities in life. Perhaps it’s they call an immeasurable love.

Back when I was new to this fur-parenting, one of the many things I found very tricky to do was cleaning my dog’s eyes. There’s always tear stains on her eyes every single day. At first, I was a bit worried about it, but later on I figured that it’s normal.

No matter how many times I clean her eyes, there’s always something that sticks on them -sometimes clear and sometimes black hard stains. Whatever it is, is not easy to get rid of without hurting my pup.

I used to have an eye cleaning solution for her but since I discovered this genius trick, I never cleaned her eyes any other way.

Let me give you a short backstory.

I went to a shopping mall to buy some stuffs for myself, and while I was busy finding a hairbrush, I saw this cute-sized comb that I wasn’t sure what was it for. When I was holding it, I was thinking how to use it. That’s when I had my “Aha” moment.

Excited to know what it is?

Tada! This stainless fine tooth comb.

This is so amazing. Trust me!

Honestly, this method isn’t something I learned from the internet nor something I saw on YouTube. It is 100% my own idea (I mean I discovered it on my own), and I have been using this method since 2019. And you know what? Out of curiousity, I research about it, and I found out that it is called lice comb, and it is also used to remove fleas from animals. How interesting.

I have a mediocre channel on YouTube where you can find me cleaning my pup’s eye stains with this comb. It’s awesome! I mean, the comb.

(18-second video)

Using this tool may hurt or poke your pet’s eye, so please be very careful in using it. Especially when it’s your first time using it for your dog’s eyes, it’s important to always point the edge of the comb downwards and not towards the eyes. Dogs may suddenly move or freak out coz they hate it when we touch their sensitive spots (as you know it).

My pup is now very used to it. Before, she bites me or run away. As long as they have a painless first experience, the next time you do it will be easy. So, make sure your pup won’t have any discomfort during the process.

I STRONGLY SUGGEST to only clean your pup’s eyes after shower. It is way easier to remove the stains no matter how hard it is when your pup’s hair is (soaking) wet. The best part is, it doesn’t hurt the moment you pull out that tear stains from their eyes. You can do it smoothly or without any difficulty.

In case you want another alternative for removing eyes’ stains, try to find a Tear Stain Topical Remover from any Vet Clinics near you.

I hope you find this content helpful. Thank you for reading this blog post till the end. Stay awesome!

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