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Need help in finding that right company? This might be the one!

Chip Chip Edu

Vietnamese-owned ESL Company

Students: Vietnamese

Salary: 150 PHP – 200 PHP

Teachers: Filipinos

Type Of Class: One-To-One Video Class

Application Process:

-Go to their website: http://teacher.chipchip.edu.vn/

-Fill out the online application form

-Attend the online interview and do a 25-minute demo lesson

-Orientation training and technical check

-Choose a schedule or open slots and start teaching


Chinese-owned ESL Company

Students: Chinese, 6-12 years old

Salary: 200-210 PHP per hour (including incentives)

Teachers: Filipinos

Type Of Class: One-To-One Video Class

Send your resume and introduction video to theoryabc2020@gmail.com

Entor Online Tutorial Services

Salary: 30 PHP per 10 minutes

Teachers: Filipinos

Type Of Class: One-To-One Video Class

Shifts: Morning is from 5AM – 10AM; Evening is 5PM – 10PM

Contact: 09100784079

Email: Paul@entor.co.kr


Salary: 120 PHP per 50 minutes

Teachers: Filipinos

Type Of Class: One-To-One Audio/Video Class

Students: Chinese adults

Main subject to teach: IELTS

Booking system

Payment method: PayPal

Applicant must be at least 22 years old

Apply through Skype: live:.cid.4a7e4089e16d0fc8


Taiwanese-owned ESL Company

Students: Taiwanese

Salary: Video class rate starts at 150 PHP/hour ; Trial class is 100 PHP/hour

Teachers: Filipinos

Type Of Class: One-To-One Video Class

Payment method: GCash every 20th and 5th of the month

Apply through this link: https://forms.gle/eK5iHDeWZpRmGM6aA


Salary: 5.5 USD per hour or 285 PHP

Payment is every week

Students: Chinese Regular students, not a booking system

Send your application to: chipan1@yahoo.com


-1 teaching certificate (TESOL, TEFL, or teaching license)

-updated resume –

1 minute audio introduction


Vietnamese-owned ESL company

Fix rate 150 PHP/50 minutes class

Teach Business English and IELTS

Kids and Adult Students

One-to-one and group classes

Requirements: resume, video introduction

Send through email: 11bilingo.ht@gmail.com

25Hoon English

Salary: 150PHP – 250 PHP per hour

Students: Taiwanese, Chinese, and Koreans

Kids and Adult learners

Application process:

-Initial Evaluation (resume, video introduction)

-Technical check and interview


-System training

-Account activation

Apply:  https://25hoon.com/tutors/teaching-junior/


Salary: 215 PHP – 390 PHP per hour

Group class

Payment is done via bank transfer

Indonesian students

Apply: https://www.cerah.co/teacher/


Salary: 4.5 USD per hour

Audio-only class

Payment is done via PayPal (twice a month)

Flexible schedule

Apply through this link: https://www.tutalkenglish.com/apply


Students: Chinese

Salary: 2-3USD per 20 minutes or 6-9 USD per hour

Paid via PayPal


-must be an experienced teacher (at least 1 year experience)

-send a 3-minute video introduction highlighting your teaching experience

Send it via WeChat: YH-Talk


Salary: 150-190 PHP/hour

Students: Vietnamese Kids

Online lessons conducted mainly in the evening ( from 5pm – 9pm VNT)

One-to-one class, 25-minute session

Paid through PayPal

Apply through this online form: https://forms.gle/WqKDX2te1N5AKB9Z7


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