18 TV Commercial Scripts In English | Spam, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Pepsi, And More

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Spam and eggs and noodles

That’s one steamy love triangle.

Sizzle Pork And Mmm


With RedFin, when you see a home you love…

You can book a tour on demand, so you can see homes first.

And with your local RedFin agent guiding you, the right home is closer than you think.


On a budget?

Try the new one dollar menu your way at Burger King.

Featuring the flame-grilled bacon cheeseburger

Value this good is hard to find anywhere else.

The new one dollar your way menu. Now at Burger King.

Your way? Way better!

Vital Proteins Collagen

What if I told you the best place to begin is within?

With collagen that supports our body from the inside out…

Because when we feel supported from within,

Our confidence comes from way deeper.

It’s within us.


The only way to beat the box of cheesy crunchy fully loaded nachos…

is more nachos.

It’s Taco Bell’s 10-dollar nachos cravings pack.

Order ahead and pickup yours at a contactless drive thru.


(?)  Devin, did you know that GEICO is now offering an extra 15 percent credit on current

motorcycle policies?

(Devin) Okay

(?) That’s 15 percent on top of what GEICO could already save you. So what are you waiting for?

DJ Khaled to be your motivational  coach?

(DJ Khalib) Yo Devin! Remember to brush in a circular motion.

(Devin)  Thank you… DJ Khaled.

(DJ)  Tiny circles Devin. Do another one. Another one.

(Devin)  That’s good?

(DJ) Put in that work Devin. Don’t give up.

(?) GEICO.  Save an extra 15%.


This coke could get you out of the house.

This iced coffee could wake you up.

This frappe could be considered a thing.

Whatever this order is for you will be here to take it.

Any size soft drinks at just a  dollar at McDonalds.


You created a business.

Now, create videos for your business with Vimeo Create.

Video to show off your products and pump up your sales.

With hundreds of templates and designs for your videos to perform its best.

Plus unlimited stocks of clips, custom animations, and smart editing tools to help make your

message creative.

Just share your videos, get views and watch your business grow.

Start making video with Vimeo Create.


(Liam Neeson)  I don’t know you Big Buffet Boy 85.

But if you think you can humiliate me and take my gold, think again.

Oh I’m coming for you with lots of barbarians and dragons.

I can’t wait to destroy your village.

Make you beg for mercy.

But you will get no mercy.

I will have my revenge ..

(Café Staff) Layam ? Order for Layam?

(Liam) It’s ah..Liam!

(Liam) You will regret the day you cross Angry Neeson 52.


Crispy white meat chicken with hot and spicy buffalo sauce.

Did you just take my taste buds to the equator?

Rick never takes me to the equator.

Now try the Buffalo Chicken Strips.

Burger King. Where taste is king.


It’s got a lil main and big taste.

Checkers new Lil Philly Sandwich.


Juicy slices of authentic Philly steak with kickin grilled onions and creamy cheese sauce.


Big flavor from our boldly packed Garlic Ranch Swiss Burger.

Two big taste. Our Lil Philly or our Garlic Ranch Swiss.

Two For Three Bucks




(man thinking) French fry burger. You blow my mind.

Crispy fries on a fry grill patty and for a dollar?

What genius came up with you?

(kid from the background) Mom! They stole my idea!


Burger King introduces The Battle of the Breakfast. A Look at the arsenal.

Floppy pancakes drenched in hot blueberries, hot syrup, and hot apple toppings, scrambled eggs,

omelet with cheese or creole sauce.

The croissant’wich with sausage, ham, or bacon.

Pineapple chunks, grape fruit , oranges.

It’s a delicious new way to feed the troops.

The all new breakfast spread from Burger King.


When it comes to pizza, you don’t want the same old same old.

You want greatness.

Which is why at Pizza Hut, we’re blowing the world of Hand-Tossed Pizza… sky high!

Introducing our all new blow your mind Hand-Tossed Pizza

A new lighter everywhere crust, cheese, blended with Italian flavors, and now brushed with garlic

buttery goodness

For unlimited time’s right

Any hand tossed for just ten bucks.

We guarantee you love it or your next pizza is on us.

Go for greatness people!

Pizza Hut. Make it great!


Slow roasted and carved thick.

Oscar Mayer Carving Board

Gives you all the taste of the holidays without all the hassle.

It’s holiday, any day food.

It’s Oscar Mayer.


Men can take anything.

Except the taste of diet cola… until now.

Pepsi Max. The first diet cola. For Men.


At Pizza Hut, 

We make our pan pizza with dough made fresh everyday

With pure mozzarella cheese

And only the finest toppings

So, when you’ve got to have a hot delicious pizza,

We modestly suggest to treat yourself to one of ours

Pizza Hut pan pizza


What if I told you,

We can have one of the most salivatious items in the world

And still be able to tell other people without being guilty

Made with aged organic milk, which contains calcium, protein, and vitamin A

Tops with tomato puree spread that contains the anti-oxidant lycopene

Sprinkle with garlic and basil that contains natural antibacterial properties

All craft in a delicious big wheat that provides B vitamins, iron, magnesium, selenium 

That’s right. It’s a pizza.

It’s healthy, if you think about it.

Your pizza. Yosef’s pizza.




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  1. What a nostalgic collection of TV commercial scripts! 😄📺 I remember some of these ads like they aired just yesterday. The Spam commercials always had a quirky charm to them, and Burger King’s humorous approach was a hit! 🍔🤣 Oh, and who can forget the classic Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola rivalry campaigns? It was like a battle of the soda giants! 🥤💥 Share your favorite commercial from this list or any other memorable ones that come to mind! Let’s take a trip down memory lane together! 🚀✨ #TVCommercials #Nostalgia #GoodTimes

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