Pet-Friendly Beach Resort In Mactan Cebu 2021 | 5-Star Resort And Spa


Look at that! The view from the balcony needs no filter, and as you can see, that is my pup right there —in awe of the place.

This coastal holiday spot in Cebu is by far the only 5-star beach resort that allows pets. Do you know where it is?

I am talking about this luxury resort located in Mactan Island —Plantation Bay Resort and Spa.

They set in a humongous 11 hectares property where you can relax and enjoy the panoramic view of their mesmerizing beach, lagoons and freshwater pools. What’s more is that, they have excellent customer service and great amenities.

While everything seems fascinating like the facilities and services, what I like most about Plantation Bay is, they are fur-fect for pet owners. So, the view, food and other stuff are just extra points.

The lack of pet-friendly resorts is the main obstacle preventing many pet owners like me to book a stay in places like this. Pet-friendly accommodations win over customers, but there are very few hotels and resorts that we can find. Knowing that there is at least one in my region is something I am happy about. 

Many fur parents like me treat our pets like our own child —as in a human child. The feeling we have for our cats or dogs (for example) are immeasurable and sometimes it is quite difficult for some people to decipher. I remember having an argument with someone when I said ”I love my pup as much as you love your child”. He strongly disagreed and clearly did not like what he heard. To be honest, I found it funny. Though I meant what I said, it was also my intention to annoy him at some point because he hates dogs. Well, dogs do not like him either, and so do I.

When pet owners want to go somewhere like in shopping malls, restaurants or any other public places, it is disheartening to know that many of these premises do not welcome pets. Though I somehow understand them, I still wish they can at least make a separate area for domesticated animals and just imposed rules for pet owners to abide.


I have stayed in Plantation Bay three times. The first one was probably 2 years ago or pre-COVID, then last year during the pandemic and the most recent one was in May.

It took so long for me to decide which place to go because there was no other resorts that allow pets aside from Plantation Bay. This is a sad reality for people who wish to take a vacation with their fur-babies.

I had the best stay in Plantation Bay because I spent it with my cutie pie. I have videos of her walking around the shore, and it was just pure bliss. Though my poodle is not allowed to soak in the pool or ocean, I managed to take her near the shore. Guards are always on a lookout, so it was impossible to sneak around and play in the water with my puppy.

We wandered around the seashore, and I let her played with sand. We had a great time, though it could have been better if she could swim in the ocean. This is definitely something I did not like about my Plantation Bay experience. It can a bit annoying for some dog owners who want to enjoy the beach and let their pets run free, but resort rules exist for a good reason.

Whenever my pup sees the beach even from afar, she always wants to go there and pulls me like crazy. She loves the beach, so maybe she wants to show her swimming skills to me. 

You know what? In Plantation Bay, you cannot bring your pets inside the restaurants. I mean, restos within the vicinity of the resort. You can still dine in with your dog but it has to be outside (rain or shine). There is no excuse or exemption to this. They are strict when it comes to this coz (let’s face it) there are other guests who do not like dogs or animals in general. It is something that I completely understand, and I have nothing against those people. They have their own rights as much as I have mine.

One more thing, when you enter a restaurant in Plantation Bay, do not assume that you can get inside with your pet. Regardless if you are carrying the tiniest breed, you have to use the back door in order to reach the patio area.

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