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I came up with the idea of creating my own dog food stand because I realized the benefits of it for my pup. I noticed that she eats on her bowl by bending her neck and back, so it would be perfect if she can eat comfortably with a raised bowl. I was imagining myself being on her shoes — constantly bending the body while eating. It must have been awful.

I saw videos on YouTube about dogs and cats eating with an elevated food stand and I researched about its benefits. I realized that it is about time to make a change — so I made one for her.

Last year I purchased some items from Daiso which I use to make for my project. It was a perfect timing since many of their products were on sale. Everything I needed for my planned DIY was in the store. I love Daiso!

Just a disclaimer though, I never thought of writing a blog about this so sorry if the pictures are not the nicest. Also, I cannot remember the exact prices of each product, so I suggest checking it online or going to your nearest Daiso store.

The paraphernalia I bought (and used) from Daiso are the following:

1. Hammer

2. Wood Cutting Saw

3. Common or Box Nails 

4. 2 Wooden Board

5. Knife Cutter

6. Screwdriver (alternative: wood chisel)

Four of the materials were not Daiso products: ( I already have them in the house.)

7. Ruler

8. A Pair Of Scissors

9. Sand Paper

10. Pencil


You can customize the look of your dog food stand however you like it. It is very easy to adjust the size and height even after the product is finished. Besides, if you lack some tools like a cutting knife, you can use a sharp kitchen knife instead or simply estimate the height according to your pup’s height if you do not have a ruler.

Surely some of these paraphernalia that you need are already in your household so plan it ahead, find the things you might need for your DIY that way you won’t end up buying stuff you do not necessarily need. As you might know, Daiso products are not as cheap as you might think. The prices of their items are twice (or more) higher than the ones sold in Japan. Daiso goods are imported, so expect that not all items are worth every penny.

Oh by the way, if you are new to my site, I am based in the Philippines, so I bought all of these in Daiso Cebu City branch.

Here is my finished project:

Isn’t it pretty? It is very simple and cheap to make yet looking-good and sturdy. 

My pup was so happy to see her new toy — I mean her new raised bowl. 

Since day one when my pup started using this dog food stand — I noticed that she often drink water or checks her bowl. She is so cute and hilarious coz sometimes I see her drink water from behind.

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