10 Start-up Online ESL Companies Hiring Filipinos With Or Without Experience 2022

There is a plethora of information in the internet where you can find online ESL job opportunities but choosing a company can be a tough row to hoe.

Many job seekers or aspiring ESL teachers now become very picky or meticulous in picking the right company for them. The influence of social media particularly with the shared reviews or experience from people about a company play a role in influencing others to think twice.

If you go to YouTube and search the name of the company you are planning to apply for, you will probably find something about it: a former employee sharing her ugly experience or a current employee giving her bias review. Either way, you will be influenced of what you are going to do next.

One specific company I have in mind is five one talk (I intentionally spell it this way) — this online school is popular among ESL teachers coz they market or promote it everywhere. In fact, they pay millions to celebrities who endorse them. Now, does that make them the best company? With their popularity, does that make them standout from all other ESL companies? Well in my opinion, I do not think so.

This company has so much shi* going on online. What I mean by that is, there are many teachers who came forward to speak about the dark side of this company and for the most part, their issues or sentiments are mainly about the salary. Though this is not the only unappealing part, it makes applicants/teachers rethink their decisions and seek for new companies instead — companies that are less known or just start-ups.

We often think that older companies tend to be reputable or the best option to apply for work coz they have built a reputation already, that they are experienced in the industry, and likely to offer a higher pay. However, this is not always the case for so many companies not just in the ESL market.

There are many advantages in working at a new company and since this article is not focused on discussing the ‘pros’ of working in a start-up company, let me save that for my next blog instead.

Very recently, I searched about the online ESL schools that seek applicants from the Philippines. So in no particular order, here is the list of the new online ESL companies for Filipinos: 

JollySchool Co. Ltd.

Posted by Kate Solomon on Facebook
Hiring full time teachers that can start immediately:
Job Details
🔸Will be teaching Taiwanese and Chinese students of all ages
🔸Regular students (not booking system)
🔸Starting salary: 130.00 – 150.00 php per hour for one-on-one classes
🔸130.00 – 230.00 php for group classes
🔸Benefits: Work convenience, Christmas and Performance Bonuses
Job Responsibility
🔸Conduct 25 to 55-minute classes with the students
🔸Create Class reports
🔸Upload class videos
🔸Work with a team
Job Requirements:
🔸Men and Women, 20 years old and above can apply
🔸Must be able to speak, understand, and explain in English. Neutral accent preferred.
🔸Teaching Experience is a must. Must have experience in teaching kids and group classes.
🔸Must be willing to work full time
🔸Quiet working environment is required
🔸Great working attitude is expected.
Hardware Requirements
🔸Processor: Intel i3 2100 or above
🔸RAM: 4 GB – 8 GB
🔸Disk drive: 50 GB of free space.
🔸Operating system: Windows 7 or above (preferably Windows 10)
🔸Any dedicated or integrated video card
🔸Internet Requirement -At least 15 mbps download speed, and 15 mbps upload speed
Kindly submit your Resume, 2-minute Self Introduction Video, screenshot or link of your Speedtest result, and Hardware specifications at hr@jollyschool.com

Happy E-learning –StellarLE

Posted by TJ TJ on Facebook
*Online English/Science/Math Teachers;
*Trial Class Specialists (can commit to conducting classes on a flexible time requirement)
>>We need part-time or full-time online teachers
>>Commitment to work is a must in our platform.
Nationality of students: Vietnamese
Level: kids to professional adults
Company: Happy E-learning –StellarLE (A Filipino-American platform)
Platform’s Guiding Principle: “We promote International English. By this we mean, the usefulness of the English language across the globe”.
Salary: 90-100php for a 25-minute class (will depend on the result of your demo); Trial classes are paid.
-a graduate of any Education-related courses
-with neutral (clear pronunciation) or nearly-American accent
-with TEFL/TESOL is a plus
-can commit to work during peak hours from 6pm to 11pm, all days of the week, but can choose at least 1 day off a week
-willing to be trained for at least 2-3 days only (paid training, which can be claimed during the first-month salary)
-willing to commit to working at least 6 months to 1 year from the date you are hired
*For more queries, please contact:
Skype: johnlavz
WeChat: happyE-learning

25Hoon English

Posted by Alex Policarpio
– 150 – 250php or Above
– Fast application process within a week
– Opportunities for Booking and Regular Students
– All lesson materials are provided
– Based in the Philippines
– At least 22 years old
– Bachelor Degree Holder
– Teaching certificates are preferred but not mandatory,
– High English proficiency
– Good Internet Connection
Apply through this link:

Chip-Chip Edu

Posted by Raven Kerstin Lewis

Just one step to apply and 1 round interview ( 1 to 3 days application process)

Job description:
*Teach English to kids aged 5-12
*25-min 1 on 1 online 
*Peak hours: 7pm to 11pm PHT
Job benefits
-Earn 150 to 200 per hour
-set your own schedule 
– no need to prepare any materials
-attractive bonus
-fast teacher support
Qualifications and Requirements
*Funny, enthusiastic, responsible
*Bachelors degree/Associate degree or just owning ESL certificates such as TESOL, TEFL, CELTA…
*Having online teaching experience is preferred
*Laptop or Computer with webcam, headset and stable internet
Note: We don’t accept any applications via email or applications without a video attached, please make sure your video link works & public shared)


Posted by Rhona Destura on Facebook
Work at least 4 HOURS /Day. FIXED schedule
– Unbooked classes are paid
– Apply: SKYPE live: sweetenchantress8 or contact Rhona Destura

All Pass English

Posted by Musa Rivera on Facebook
-Taiwanese Students
-Kids and Adults
-Part-time job
-Fixed Salary (Basic Pay) with or without student
-Perfect Attendance Bonus
-with Quarterly Bonus
Tutor requirements:
Excellent pronunciation, American accent
TESOL/TEFL certificate is an advantage
At least 1 year of online teaching experience
Application Process:
1 minute introduction video
Apply: apeservice001@gmail.com

Unhoop Philippines Inc.

Posted by Unhoop Phil. on Facebook

Earn up to PHP20,000 teaching English to Japanese and Taiwanese students online
Interested applicants must meet the following qualifications:
1.) Must be willing to open a minimum of 5 hours of classes per day
2.) Must be willing to open classes for at least 5 days per week (including the weekends)
3.) Must be willing to open classes on the weekends
4.) Freelancers, Undergrads, and students are welcome to apply
5.) Must be willing to register as a freelancer with the BIR and get a COR
For interested applicants, you may refer to the link above or send your resume to unhoopphils@gmail.com and please indicate that you are applying for the HB position.


Posted by Rui Zhang
Hiring home-based English teachers from Philippines
Regular students with stable income! Training can be provided.
1.Part time or Full time
2.Rate: 140-160p/50mins. Payment via PayPal, once a month.
3.Various incentives(enrollment/full attendance, etc.)
4.Plot your own schedule
5.Lesson materials provided
6.Students are polite and well-educated. Most of them are 18-25 yrs old.
1.Stable internet connection to have video class
2.Available to teach at least 20 hrs & 5 days a week and be able to commit to long-term contract
3.Fluent English and neutral accent
4.Willing to teach around 50% of Ielts speaking class. Training will be provided.
5.Respond to messages in time and conduct classes punctually (IMPORTANT)
Email: jenniferzhang066@gmail.com
Please send your CV and 1-2mins self-introduction video to this email (demo class video is optional). Name the email with”Philippines+your name+your skype ID+the number of hours you can render per month”. All the files should be saved in google drive with open access, or other online platform to be opened without downloading.


Posted by Richard Chen on Facebook
http://www.yesonlineeng.com based in Taiwan with a Cebu office
Now recruiting online English teachers
-Interested in ESL / Business Eng. Teaching 
-Home-based Online Teaching 
-Pref. with Experience 
-Class Time: 2pm~11pm 
-IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL Teaching Knowledge is A Plus (if available, do let us know)
-Send email to safestudy@hsinfei.com with CV and link of video introduction
Contact Person: Mr. Chen 

Southeast Integrated Schooling

Posted by HR Southeast Integrated on Facebook
Job description:
-Provide one on one teaching for Korean students based on their level.
-Follow the lesson material
-Report any case of bad connection, technical problems or other circumstances that happens during the class to the management
-Submit feedback for each lesson
-Keep students’ information and other activities confidential
-Maintain professionalism and display good attitude towards students, co-teachers and administrators.
FULL TIME (1:00 PM -10:00 PM)
PART TIME (6:00 PM – 9:00 PM)
Monday- Friday
You might like to get a copy of my e-book ”How To Become A Home-based Online ESL Teacher”.
I guarantee that you’ll get the value for your money. 

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