Ninjavan Experience – Do Not Click Any Ninjavan Links

I have heard quite a few bad things about this courier service, and at first, I did not bother searching for more information about them — well not until I experienced their plodding delivery service.

I purchased some items from an online shop here in the Philippines and for some reasons, the parcel was transferred to them for delivery. I am not a pro in online shopping but I certainly know how to use my brain in dealing with transactions like this: tracking my item, contacting the seller, asking questions to the courier company, etc.

It took several weeks since my parcel was shipped by the seller (I was considerate about it), and when it was finally shipped, I was excited — but I never expected that the ‘waiting game’ was just getting started.

Just like what a normal customer would do, I contacted the customer service of ninjavan through email to report/inquire about my parcel. I got a response from them telling me to wait coz they have to investigate it.

I searched for some information from the web about ninjavan, and I found that I am not the only one who is skeptical about this courier service. If you google it or perhaps you try to go to YouTube, you can definitely find some useful information from people who shared their experiences or sentiments about the company.

You can go to the or simply type a specific topic about them on the google search bar.

One day, I got 2 SMS messages from them telling me to click the link to get updates about my parcel, and I DID NOT CLICK IT. I did not even think twice about not clicking it coz I know something is off about their service.

I hurriedly switched on my pc and typed in a question from Google ”I got links from ninjavan”. Then, that thread or forum from Reddit site showed up on the search results with a title ”DO NOT CLICK ANY NINJAVAN LINKS”. I was stunned. I became even more worried about my parcel, so I contacted the seller to cancel the purchase.

So, if you are someone who is caught up in this kind of situation — under no circumstances, do not click any links from whoever it is. Scammers are all over the internet, they are everywhere, and they are just waiting for you to make a single mistake. The truth is, scammers are smart people. They do it for a living, so they are good at what they do.

When you order or purchase some goods online, is it best to choose COD or cash on delivery. It is the safest way to transact online and you can make sure that the item you receive is as described before making any payments. 

Though there are shady stories about ninjavan, it does not necessarily mean that they are operating fraudulently. Personally, the only unpleasant experience I had with them was the shipment and when I was asked to click links via SMS — nothing else. However, it is vital to be cautious all the time and search some information when we feel skeptical about something.

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