5 NEW Online ESL Companies Hiring Filipino ESL Teachers – NOVEMBER 2021

1. Bitu English Speaking Club

Posted by Georgette Dela Peña on Facebook

Class: 30 minutes
Group or 1-on-1? It depends. One student per call, but other students can join if they want to.
Audio or Video class? Check screenshot below.
Salary method: Payoneer
Teaching platform: own website
Hiring process: Interview & Demo
If you are interested in the position, kindly send a 1-minute introduction video/audio to this email: aria.bitu91@gmail.com with title “Apply For Part-time Teaching Position”. Rate, schedule, and other details will be discussed during the interview/demo.

2. Sankei Online English

Posted by Gwen De Guzman Permison on Facebook
We need 100 teachers with/without experience!. with Any teaching Certificate.
Sankei English hires Filipino ESL teachers to teach Japanese students through Skype.
You must possess at least the college level education or equivalent experience in online ESL teaching.
If you have call center experience that is an advantage as well.
Fresh graduates and entry-level applicants are also encouraged to apply you must speak English at a native level with an excellent American accent.
You must have a high-speed Internet connection at home, not Wi-Fi. You will be working for your home so you need to make sure you have a quiet environment.
Pay Rate per Hour:
Minimum: $2
Maximum: $10
Class Size: one-on-one
Student Ages: Elementary & Junior (age 5-15)
High School & College Prep (age 15-18)
Adult (age 18+)
Class Schedule:
Morning (9am-12pm)
Afternoon (12pm-3pm)
Late Afternoon (3pm-6pm)
Internet Speed:
Min Uploading: 4 Mbps
Min Downloading: 12 Mbps
Apply: Send Name, Email, and CV to Gwen De Guzman Permison on Facebook

3. Happy Talk

Posted by Dai Ryn on Facebook
1. Bachelor’s Degree (Education graduates are preferred).
2. ESL Online teaching experience (6 months).
3. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
4. Wired internet connection (10 mbps), noise cancelling headset, child-friendly background, quiet environment.
5. Very knowledgeable in Zoom during the demo.
6. Available at least for 3-4 hours from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM. Monday-Friday, no weekend schedule.
7. Must pass the demo teaching.
8. Must be very energetic, lively, jolly and has a positive disposition.
Not a booking system
Video classes are one-on-one via Zoom
Books/lessons are provided.
Salary: twice a month, 70 Php per 30-minute class or 140 Php per hour
Those who currently work for other ESL companies are welcome to apply.
Email the following to: happytalk.ph@gmail.com
  • Resume
  • Self-introduction video

4. SPTR Japan

Posted by Hedz BP on Facebook

Looking for ESL teachers for JHS Program.

We accept non-Filipino applicants.
· Interested in teaching kids / school-aged students!
· Have experience teaching kids or junior high school
· Have 3+ months of experience working for another online company
· Start date for Kids/JHS Program is TBA –The highly suggested opening time 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM JST- Weekdays only (at least 21 hours/ week)
You may check more details here: h ttps://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/job/11156906/sources/2
Or submit here: h ttps://hiring.sptr.jp/

5. DYSY Language Academy

Posted by Kwini Kwini on Facebook
Rates are discussed upon inquiry via SKYPE ID: qlalaguna@yahoo.com
About the class:
Flexible Schedule (YOUR CHOICE)
Classroom: Class-in
STUDENTS: Chinese in China and the Philippines
(5 years old and above)
Materials are provided
FREESTYLE of teaching
Subjects you can teach: English, Math, Filipino, and Science
  • Teaching Experience ONLINE (for ENGLISH subj)
  • Teaching Experience OFFLINE (for MATH, SCIENCE, FILIPINO subj)
  • Teaching equipment with STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION
  • EXCELLENT neutral accent or American/British accent
SEND your resume and class teaching video to SKYPE ID: qlalaguna@yahoo.com

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