14 Best New Online ESL Companies – Hiring Filipinos Now – Video And Chat-Only Class

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You guys are bugging me about posting more home-based online ESL companies so here is what you’ve been asking for. I’ve compiled these 14 ESL schools for you to choose from. I know that many of you are undecided of what company to apply for or when to begin so I hope that this list will somehow help you sort that out. These 14 ESL companies are start-ups yet they have pretty good reviews from many teachers.


1. Z English

  • Female applicant only
  • Home-based Online ESL Teacher
  • 130-200 PHP per 50 minutes class


  • With at least 6 months teaching experience
  • With reliable internet connection, webcam, and noise-cancelling headset
  • Can work from 6:00-9:00 Philippine time, Monday to Friday


  • 1-2 minutes self-introduction video in mp4
    (State your name, age, teaching experience & how to motivate students to speak , college major, why you want to teach English)
  • Updated Resume with 2×2 picture
  • Screenshot of your Speedtest result

How to apply:

  • Send application to z.englisheduc001@gmail.com or contact them thru Skype: live:.cid.2256dfc4e953692e

2. English ES 

  • Students are Koreans
  • 130-150PHP per hour


  • Must be perky and have patience in handling young learners
  • Must have good attendance performance
  • Must have at least 6 to 1-year online teaching experience
  • Must have a good internet connection
  • Computer Literate
  • Good communication skills
  • Conduct 25-minute video class
  • Knowledgeable in Skype

How to apply: Send a  1-minute video introduction, updated resume, and screenshot of your speedtest
Send to: codi.esenglish@gmail.com

3. Goodjob English

  • Korean-owned company
  • Students are Koreans
  • 150 PHP per hour


  • With reliable internet, laptop/pc, headset
  • Fluent in American English
  • Preferably with a teaching certificate
  • Experienced in teaching kids

How to apply: Send CV and self-introduction video to stargee@naver.com

What to say on the introduction video?
-what schedule you’re available to work, preferred student whether it’s young or adult, Skype ID, available time for interview (must be after 6 PM onwards)

4. Partner English

  • Students are Chinese: 3-15 years old
  • 140-180 PHP per hour
  • Shifts: 9AM-12NN, 1PM-4PM, and 5PM-10PM


  • Neutral accent
  • Bachelor degree holder or higher
  • Teaching experience and certifications are desirable but not required
  • Can work 6 days a week including weekend
  • With at least 5 mbps internet connection

How to apply: Send 1-minute introduction video and updated resume to irenedizon28@gmail.com or thru Skype at live:irenedizon28

5. Jim English

  • Korean-owned company with office in Quezon City
  • Female applicant only
  • With stable internet connection, headset, and webcam

How to apply: Send credentials to recruitment.jimenglish.ph@gmail.com
Email subject must be: HAN1209
Note: There is no specific instruction of what to send so I suggest sending an updated resume and a 1-minute self-introduction video.

6. Modern English

  • Students are Vietnamese (children and adults)
  • 145-200 PHP per hour


  • Laptop/desktop with webcam and headset
  • Stable internet – TESOL, CELTA, TEFL OR any Teaching Certificates, required – Teaching Experience: at least 1 year of teaching kids.
  • Skype and Zoom account
  • Can open a schedule in the evening and on the weekend
  • Excellent communication skills

Apply by sending these requirements:

  • 1-2 minutes self-introduction video
  • Updated resume
  • Teaching certificate (if there’s any)

Send to:

  • Skype: live:.cid.9ed5c6e80190c38d)
  • Email: modernenglisha@gmail.com

7. VIP English

  • Vietnamese company
  • Students are kids and adults
  • 150-165 PHP per hour

How to apply: Contact them via Skype
Skype: teach.phil@vipenglish.asia
Email: teach.phil@vipenglish.asia

8. Yum ABC

  • Experienced teacher only with reliable device and internet for teaching
  • 80-135 PHP per 25 minutes class or 160-270 PHP per 50 minutes

How to apply: Email your requirements to xuejdi@gmail.com

  • Self-introduction video
  • Resume

9. JollySchool Co. Ltd.

  • Students are Taiwanese


  • CV
  • 2-minute self-introduction video
  • Speedtest result and hardware specifications
    Send to: hr@jollyschool.com

10. EWise English Centre

  • Students are Vietnamese kids and adults
  • 140-150 PHP per hour


  • Good Internet connection
  • Competent English with clear pronunciation
  • Professional and friendly, able to teach Kids and adults.
  • Preferred: teachers with TESOL/TEFL certification
  • Laptop/PC with headset

Requirements: CV/resume, teaching-related credentials like scanned certifications, and Facebook profile link

How to apply: Send requirements to recruitment@ewise.edu.vn

11. Happy Talk Academy

  • Vietnamese students
  • 200 PHP per hour


  • Male or female Filipino
  • Willing to work from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM Philippine time
  • At least with 1-year online teaching experience
  • Bachelor degree holder
  • Willing to work for 6 months or more
  • With stable internet connection

How to apply:

Send updated resume and 1 minute self video introduction to happy.talk.academy123@gmail.com

12. Smart English Vietnam

  • Students are young and adult Vietnamese
  • How to apply: Send your CV and introduction video to hr.smartenglishvn@gmail.com


13. Tella Co. Ltd.

  • Korean-owned company
  • Uses KakaoTalk app to conduct classes
  • 15-minute lesson
  • All materials are provided
  • Students are Korean adults
  • 132 PHP per hour for teachers with no experience
  • 150 PHP per hour for experienced teachers
  • Peak hours: from 7AM-10AM and 7PM-12 midnight Philippine time on weekdays and 9AM-11PM Philippine time on weekends

Note: Top-performing tutors are offered quarterly incentives and a raise.

  • Bachelors degree or Associate degree holder with a neutral accent
  • A minimum of 3mpbs of download speed
  • Windows 8.1 or above
  • With backup power plan or generator
  • With decent headset

Apply via this link: https://tella-co-ltd.breezy.hr/p/9b61056bee90-tella-call-audio-based-lessons-tutor?fbclid=IwAR24pehUoXhV3E3hjyZ31V1SoB0Go3SnT6IlBlNGw2mwwz4nmsrJiUJwevQ

14. TuTalk

  • Students are Adult Koreans and Chinese
  • 20-minute and 40-minute classes
  • Approximately 76 PHP per 20-minute class or 228 PHP per hour
  • Paid through PayPal twice a month


  • At least 1 year of experience in teaching
  • At least 1 certification related to teaching (TESOL, TEFL)
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Able to work at least 15 hours/week
  • Native-like pronunciation and proficiency

Technical Requirements:

  • Noise-canceling headset/microphone
  • Stable Internet LAN connection, at least above 5 mbps (WIFI is not allowed)

How to apply: Go to their website at https://www.tutalkenglish.com/apply

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