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It’s no surprise that a lot of people are busy searching for jobs these days — jobs that would allow them to work from home especially in this time of uncertainty where everybody’s scared of face-to-face interactions. I’ve been posting quite a lot lately but I noticed that there are more online ESL companies that are urgently looking for more Filipino teachers (new or experienced ones), so I’ve compiled another set of home-based ESL opportunities just in case you guys need more options. Whoever is seeking employment, I hope you’ll land a job in no time. You got this!

Meanwhile, go check my previous posts for more awesome content. I have a ton of ESL-job-related topics that you’d surely love to see. Everything you need as an ESL teacher is in this site: from 110 list of home-based ESL companies to sample self-introduction scripts and more. Alright, thank me later! Now here’s the list of online ESL companies that are waiting for you:

1. HiTalk English

Posted on FB by HiTalk English
>Hi TALK is looking for a professional home-based ESL teacher who wishes to expand their career into English Education. We conduct live Skype English classes. We also accept tutors who are already working with other companies who want to fill in their vacant slots.
Most of the students are preschoolers and elementary school students, with some adult students. Therefore, teachers who are good at dealing with preschoolers teaching phonics classes are preferred.
If you are interested and meet all the requirements, please submit:
-updated CV, photo, 1-2 minutes sample voice file or self-intro recording
-preferred teaching time with expected date to start
*send to: hitalk0579@gmail.com
[Minimum Requirements]
• Proficient in English language with neutral accent
• At least with bachelors degree
[Preferred Qualification]
• Experience in teaching English to young learners or foreigners (ESL/EFL)
• A teaching certificate like TESOL, TEFL, etc. or a professional teacher’s license but not mandatory.
[Technical Requirements]
• A wired DSL Internet connection of at least 3 Mbps (LTE, USB sticks & wireless connection is not allowed)
• A headset with an extended microphone and noise-canceling features
• A clear web camera, desktop or laptop
• Operating system: at least Windows 7, Intel Core i3, and 4GB Ram
• A good working environment conducive to online classes (no background noises, clutter-free, and well-lit space, quiet environment, good lighting)
[Class Responsibilities]
• Encourage and motivate students to study
• Teach through Skype
• Can handle different levels and ages
• Conduct level tests
• Submit assessment after each class
• Open a minimum of 3 hours a day
• Open classes on weekends
* All classes are regular (not booking system)
*Students are Koreans
*Rate:180-210 PHP/hour

2. Spiiker

Posted on FB by Spiiker Angelo-Recruitment
>How long is the application process?
-The application process depends on the number of applicants, the more the applicants the longer the process will be. But, it usually takes less than one week for the whole process.
>What are the requirements?
-We only want a few things from our teachers, which are a.) good English communicator b.) Neutral to American Accent c.) Good listener d.) Aware of some the basic grammar rules in English e.)Accommodating & Perky f.) has been working in the industry for 6 months or more.
>How about your system requirements?
-Any laptop or computer will do as long as it can run multiple tabs on Chrome while Skype is also running in the background.
>How about the internet speed?
-At least 10 – 25 mbps of speed will suffice as long as your device is directly connected to your router. Back up internet is a plus but optional.
>How much is the rate?
-We usually pay P70 /22 mins which means you’ll get paid P70 in every class you’ll have.
>How about the schedule?
-Our evening schedule is fixed from 7pm to 11pm Mondays to Fridays.
>Can I work full time?
-Sure, but it depends on your monthly performance and the number of students we have.
If you are interested, contact the recruiter on Facebook or add Angelo on Skype at live:.cid.689b45e19cba459b

3. 52Talking

Posted on FB by Winna Mae Padilla
-with bachelors or higher
-at least 6 months of teaching experience in either offline or online ESL
-reliable teaching equipment; wired internet connection
-27 to 45 years old
-good command in English with neutral accent
How to apply:
-Send CV and self-introduction video to paniquewinnamae.52talking@gmail.com
Salary: 70-90 PHP/25 minutes or 140-180 PHP/50 minutes of class

4. JoyTalk

Posted on FB by Rhey Candido
Looking for: Experienced ESL tutors only (1 year minimum experience)
You can choose your schedule.
Work within this schedule: from 3 PM to 12 midnight Korean time
Minimum working hours: 4 hours
Classes are regular (not booked)
Students: Koreans
Lesson materials are provided
Salary: 70 PHP/ 20 minutes, 90 PHP/30 minutes or 180 PHP/hour
If you are interested, please send your resume to joy-talk@naver.com or JoyTalk Recruitment l Ms. Herschell via skype
REFERRAL NAME : Teacher Rhey
If you have already submitted your CV multiple times and received no response, that means you didn’t qualify for the job.
You’ll be given instructions on how the application process will proceed if you are qualified for the position. Interviews will be conducted through Skype.


Posted on FB by Jenusse Rian L. Adolfo
> a startup ESL service provider is looking for female teachers for the initial phase of the program (PART-TIME POSITION).
This is a 1 on 1 class with Vietnamese kids ages 4-12 years old in a regular and fixed schedule. Materials and resources are provided.
Teacher Qualifications:
-University graduate; Education degree is an advantage
-With teaching certificate (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA)
-At least 2 years of online teaching experience with kids.
-Pleasing personality (presentable, perky, confident, excellent communication skills and with good accent)
-Can commit for a long-term period.
-Can teach from 6-10pm on weekdays, anytime on weekends.
Teacher Benefits:
-Salary will start at P200/hour and will go higher when you conduct more classes.
-Teachers will be given official uniforms by the company.
-CV with picture
-Teaching Certificate
-Self-intro video
-25-min sample lesson video with a kid (This is required.)
*Send the requirements to oleoenglish@gmail.com

6. Happy Talk Online Tutorial

Posted on FB by Dai Ryn
Not a booking system
Video classes are one-on-one via Zoom
Books/ lessons are provided
Students are mostly 3-8 years old
Salary: 140 PHP/hour (paid twice a month)
Those who are currently working for other ESL companies are welcome to apply.
-Bachelors Degree (Education Graduates Major in English and Math are preferred)
-ESL Online teaching experience (6 months)
-Excellent oral and written communication skills
-Wired internet connection (10 mbps), noise cancelling headset, virtual child-friendly background, HD webcam, quiet environment
-Knowledgeable in Zoom during the demo
-Available from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM and/or 1:00-6:00 PM. Monday-Friday, no weekend schedule
-Must pass the demo teaching
-Must be lively or has a positive disposition
How to apply:
Email your resume and self-introduction video to happytalk.ph@gmail.com

7. Bestone Online Academy

Posted on FB by Galieo Chan
-Clear accent, good grammar and writing skills
-At least 3 years teaching experience
-Need to have Wechat
-Desktop or Laptop
-Headset with an extended microphone with noise-canceling features
-A high definition (HD) external or integrated webcam with at least 720p resolution
-A wired DSL internet connection of at least 5mbps
-Must have a white plain background when conducting classes
-5.5 to 7.5 USD per hour based on qualifications
-Paid via PayPal or AUB
How to apply:
-Send your resume with detailed education background and a self introduction video to galieojacky@gmail.com

8. Schola

Posted on FB by Nguyen Vy
> Schola is a Singaporean and Vietnamese language center (students from 4 to 14 years old)
– Lesson material: prepared
– Hourly Payment: negotiable
– Flexible schedule
– At least 1-year online teaching experience
– Teaching certificate: TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or others
– Be enthusiastic and energetic
If you are interested in this position, please send your CV and introduction video to thutrang@schola.tv

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