3 Recommended Online ESL Companies For No Experience Or Aspiring Teachers – Beginner ESL Teachers 2022

If you’re new to workforce or someone who’s novice in teaching English learners, then this list of online ESL companies is perfect for you. Just a disclaimer though, these companies do not have the most attractive rates but I assure you that they are legit and a good place to start. The main thing to keep in mind when you’re a beginner is to not focus on how much you’ll be getting each month. I’ve been in the ESL industry for a very long time, and I’m happy to share this with you. These are just a few of the many options you have so when it comes to online job opportunities, don’t sweat yourself coz sky is your limit. Eventually, you’ll find the role that’s perfect for you–you just have to do your part and trust the process.

Note: I’m in no way promoting or endorsing these companies for my own gain. Just want to help you sort out your options coz I’ve been on your shoe and I know this information will somehow come in handy one day.

1. Engoo

  • Formerly known as DMM Eikaiwa in Japan and Bibo Global Opportunity Inc. in the Philippines
  • The use of video in class is mandatory
  • Learners are mainly from Japan
  • Some students come from different parts of the world like South Korea, Taiwan, Middle East, and Europe
  • They used to pay 110-120PHP several years ago but I heard that they increased (probably 150 or more per hour)
  • One class is equivalent to 25 minutes
  • 1-to-1 class
  • There are many students in Engoo compared to other ESL companies (I guarantee this)
  • Booking system
  • If you have a student that booked an hour session, that means that you have to conduct a total of 50-minute class (25 minutes x 2 = 50 minutes)
    Example: student booked 2 classes from 1PM-2PM Philippine time, therefore, you start the class at 1PM and either end the class at 1:50PM with no break or stop the first class at 1:25PM, resume it at 1:30PM, then end it at 2PM
    So it is up to you or the student–for as long as it’s a total of 50 minutes
  • In Engoo, the 5-minute remaining time is designed for creating student evaluation or assessment (after the class) or for a quick pee break.
  • Submitting a student evaluation or lesson notes or assessment is required and you’re given ample time to complete it at the end of your shift.
  • They have their own lesson materials. (In my opinion, they probably have the best resources/lesson topics among the rest of the ESL schools out there.
  • Their website is Engoo .com
  • Use of cellphone is not acceptable
  • When you separate from the company, they’ll give you a COE (Certificate of employment) if you request for it.

2. Tutoring

  • Also known as Tutoringgo
  • Audio-only class
  • Korean learners
  • Rate is more or less 200PHP per hour
  • The rate varies per tutor and those new hires are likely to get a little less than 200PHP per hour
  • The rate increases depending on your performance, number of accumulated classes, and the time you conducted the class — so working on peak hours allows you to earn more.
  • Tutors are paid per minute since students can call you at any time and can hang up at any time too
  • In Tutoring, everything seems to be well-regulated, and just like Engoo, their platform or website is user-friendly.
  • Tutors use a device that is verified by a tech support. Therefore, tutors cannot change from one device to another since it has to be checked first.
  • Use of cellphone is not acceptable
  • Their system can detect if you’re not using the registered device and if your internet sucks. When this happens, you’ll get an error disabling you to go online for work.
  • So the way teaching works in Tutoring is like this: you go on standby or online ->wait till a student calls you -> have a class for how long it takes ->submit a quick lesson notes -> get paid for the duration of call you had with your student
  • There are many learners in Tutoring and you’ll see the number of online students on your screen (students that are currently in an ongoing class and the ones that aren’t)
  • website: tutoringgo. com
  • You’ll also see who the online teachers are. Sounds cool, isn’t it?
  • What’s awesome is that you don’t need to turn on your camera every time you work
  • Students can leave a feedback after each class but it’s optional
  • Normally, they give a rating with a comment (especially if they enjoyed your class)

3. Joy Talk

  • Korean-owned online ESL company
  • As far as I know they only accept Filipino applicants and from last year, they pay 200PHP per hour (the rate may vary per teacher’s qualifications and credentials)
  • They are a startup company. If I’m not mistaken, they started just last year.
  • Students are all Koreans (adults and young learners)
  • One-to-one class
  • Video class
  • There’s a Filipino manager who’s in charge of managing the teachers queries, schedule, etc.
  • They’ll ask your availability and will find students that best fit your teaching style and schedule.
  • Can work part-time or full-time
  • Adult learners usually prefer free talking
  • Young learners are often accompanied with a guardian or parent by their side
  • Use of cellphone may be acceptable (only when it’s deemed necessary)
  • No website for now but you can find them on Facebook (just type Joy Talk ESL or 조이톡)
  • *Please do not confuse this company to another ”JoyTalk” that’s Japanese-owned.

I have many other articles about online ESL companies or homebased-related jobs, so I highly suggest checking my previous posts. I guarantee that you’ll benefit from it. Everything is in this website: from 110 list of companies to choose from to sample introduction video scripts and more.

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