Sugbo Mercado in IT Park Cebu City- What’s Inside, Daily Schedule

Whether you’re from Cebu or a traveler who wants to explore the city–IT Park would be a great place to wander. There’s a plethora of things you can do like shopping and dining.

IT Park is the mecca of retail, dining, entertainment, and business so you’ll never run out of options. What’s more, Sugbo Mercado also known as Sugbo Market is everyone’s favorite.

This Sugbo Mercado is a place for startup food entrepreneurs to launch and grow their food ideas, so when you stepped in the venue, you’ll notice that all the stores aren’t the ones you already know. A few of them have stalls from other places but most of these entrepreneurs are starters.

I’m a frequent visitor of Sugbo Mercado and I’d say that what you’ll see there are almost about food–probably around 30 food stalls. This place is open for every age group and you can even bring your fur-babies with you. As long as you’re a responsible pet owner who’s prepared to pick your dog’s poop, then you won’t get in trouble with people who are there to enjoy a meal.

They’re open every Thursdays to Sundays from 5PM to 1AM and close during national holidays.

If you’re curious what’s in there, then watch this video clip of me walking around the mercado–annoying people with my camera on.


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