5 Very Important Information You Should See On A Job Posting – Facebook Job Ads

Oftentimes when we’re looking for work, we get excited about sending our application to almost every job ad we see online–especially through Facebook. What we don’t realize are the negative consequences that come with it.

When we send our CVs/resumes to companies over the internet, we’re giving these people access to all of our personal information. Information that are confidential and normally something we don’t feel comfortable sharing with. The truth is, not all companies that we’re applying to can be trusted with all our personal details. But let’s face it–we don’t think about these things when what we’re after is to have a ‘job’. This might not be a concern anymore for experienced individuals but quite important for people who are just starting out.

It isn’t uncommon for companies to not divulge every little detail of the job, so we often see ads that have a description but no mentioning of salary and any other details. So if you think there are important details that are missing in the post but they’re a crucial part for you to make a decision, then it’s worth asking for.

Now, what are these 5 important details to look for on a job posting?

1. Salary and other benefits
-This is by far the most important part in applying for a job, isn’t it? Personally, this information could undermine the interest of applicants if there’s no obvious transparency of the salary and when the pay is low. Though this isn’t always a good idea when we’re inquiring about a job, it’s certainly is something worth-considering if you don’t want to waste time.
2. Job Title and Job Description
-This includes the specific designation of the post with its concise summary of the job: specific tasks, responsibilities, scope of the role, and expectations of the position, among other things.
3. Qualifications and/or Requirements 

-In order to not waste time and attract the highest volume of qualified applicants, a job posting should include and clearly describe the requirements to be eligible for the role such as:

-Minimum educational background or specialized training

-Years of work experience

-Required documents or credentials

-Physical and mental capabilities

-Nationality; Location

4. Process of application, Email Address, Website
-Since we’re mainly talking about job ads on Facebook, what companies are usually doing is instructing applicants to send their application to their email addresses. Some recruiters/employers redirect people to their website to apply for the job. These two ways of sending a job application are the ones commonly encountered on Facebook job postings, so if one of these is missing, then I suggest trying another company. Moreover, having an idea about how the application works in a  company is as equally important to knowing the salary expectation of the job. This is why it’s monumental to do a research about the company you’re applying to–especially if you’re the type of person who hates waiting for months just to get an update about the status of your application.
5. Company Name
-The company name plays a vital role in a business’s image and growth, therefore it can make or break the company. When you see a job ad without a company name, it’s always almost obvious that the company doesn’t care about having a reputation or they’re just a total scam. Knowing the name of the company can help you gather pertinent information about them. Thus, you can you find answers to your questions by searching them on the web, and if they have a website, it’d be a fantastic way to know more about their platform.

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