Actual eSkill Assessment Questions and Skills Tests – Very Helpful

eSkill is known for its customizable assessments for applicants from a variety of industries. Companies use skills tests to verify candidates’ abilities or to know whether they’re best suited for the role, otherwise. In this high-tech world, more and more organizations are relying on skills testing in recruiting and hiring employees. This is why, for individuals who aren’t that ready for this type of assessments, landing a job can be quite challenging.

The good news is, there are helpful information we can find on the web where we can practice and prepare in advance. Although we can’t find much about sample questions from past candidates, at least I have this post for you – actual questions/assessments from a recent job applicant.

Let’s start with the..

Types of questions in eSkill:

  • Assessment Questions
  • Subject-Based Assessments
  • Job-Based Assessments
  • Video Questions

Topics or subjects in eSkill assessment:

MS Word and Excel:

  • Turning AutoFilter On
  • Wrapping Text
  • Freezing the top row
  • Hiding a column
  • Resizing a column to a given size
  • Inserting a new worksheet
  • Inserting new rows and adding data
  • Using the find and replace feature
  • Attaching a file
  • Creating a new folder
  • Turning on Bcc
  • Viewing the word count
  • Changing the page orientation
  • Using columns
  • Aligning texts
  • Inserting a table


Here are the actual questions from eSkill:


Did you know that eSkill won’t give you the answers to your test?

They don’t provide the scores.

You may also check YouTube for a compilation of this.

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