Let’s help one another: share name of your company and salary info (anonymously)

We all expect a certain range in terms of salary, right? And when we searched for information about a company’s compensation, we often end up nothing but just bits and pieces of guessed or speculated information. So I thought, why not make this website a place where employees (not limited to ESL teachers) share their proven experience or information about their companies — with emphasis in salary.

Now, we can only make this platform useful for everyone if we contribute in sharing the valuable information we have — salary. So if you’re currently working in a company or a former employee, then kindly share with us a screenshot of your payment invoice (either bi-weekly or monthly; most recent or not), or a contract that states your payment rate. This way, I can feature the company’s salary to help others who are curious about this most important information.

Essentially, this initiative will increase our chances of success in the ESL industry, thus prompting employers to bump up their pay for Filipino ESL teachers.

Send an email with your screenshot(s) to timelessenglish19@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for your participation. You’re awesome!♥

By the way, if you’re looking for some helpful information on where to apply as an ESL teacher/freelancer, you might want to check my previous posts. Good luck and take care!

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