JOY ENGLISH Salary for Filipino ESL Teachers – Contract of A Former Employee, Reviews

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Let’s face it! Salary is the foremost criterion for job applicants. Knowing the wage or compensation information before sending an application or signing a job offer helps the candidate decide and instantly see the benefit of applying.


Joy English (also known as Joy Talk)

This is a Korean-owned online ESL school which caters to Koreans only.

The students are mostly kids – which means that there are some adult learners in the platform too.

Teachers are from the Philippines.

The pay varies per teacher, and it is believed that those who are experienced and have an impressive interview and demo performance are likely given a satisfactory rate.

Below is just a snippet of the contract (provided by an anonymous sender). I did not post all the pages of the agreement to protect the company’s (Joy English) sensitive company information or proprietary knowledge.

Again, the amount of money an employee receives every payday is important in the most basic sense – nobody would roll up their sleeves and come back to work if they weren’t paid for it.  While it’s not a secret that this is a big factor in finding the perfect candidate, for companies, the wages they give often comes down to averages and statistics. There’s no doubt why many people are searching for salary information first before taking the leap and accepting a job offer.

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