SPTR Salary Reviews and Actual Job Interview, Japanese Online ESL Company

From an employee perspective, the salary for a role could easily help a candidate decide whether to pursue the application or go to the next. The rate for the position is vital in the most basic sense so it is not surprising why many people are becoming more and more meticulous in choosing a company to die for – I mean, to work for.

There are many ESL teachers particularly Filipinos who prefer to work in a Japanese-owned company or schools that cater to Japanese learners. You might be wondering why.

Arguably, it is because many think that if a company is owned by Japanese or if the students are Japanese, the salary is expected to be higher than other companies. That they tend to be more generous compared to other nationalities. That they are generally nicer people.

While there is some truth to that, it might not always the case. Just like this company SPTR, look at their rates below. Tell me if you find their hourly rate for ESL teachers ”generous”. If you think they have a fair compensation for Filipino teachers, then you might want to apply now – they are always hiring. Otherwise, comment down below what you think.

If you’d like to hear an actual job interview of me and the HR staff of SPTR, check the YouTube video below. There was a conversation about the salary so listen till the end. You’re welcome!;)



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