ESO Vietnam Salary, Online ESL Company for Filipinos

You might see this online ESL company through Facebook but do you really know how much they pay their teachers? ESO only caters to Vietnamese, and it is managed and owned by a group of Vietnamese. Their teachers are mostly from the Philippines, so you can expect to see their banners on Facebook communities with Filipino members. Online classes are delivered through Skype and they provide their own teaching materials.

If you look them up online, you will find information about them hiring native English speakers (Westerners) and the rate ranges from $12-$15 – which is way far from an hourly rate of a Filipino teacher. While this is not surprising anymore, I still can’t believe that there is barely a change in this industry for ESL teachers in the Philippines.

ESO is quite new in the industry but a lot of Filipinos are interested in applying as an ESL teacher (simply based on what I notice on Facebook groups). Well, thanks to their enticing job advertisements that are circulating through social media. I guess if there is something that intrigues me in a job ad, that is definitely the absence of the salary. I have this notion that when a company does not mention the compensation package, then it is a red flag – at least for me, since it is very important in the most basic sense.

ESO Vietnam uses PayPal as their mode of payment for teachers, and it is made every 13th of the month.

To know more about this company, visit their Facebook page:

Below you will have an idea about what to expect when it comes to the hourly rate of an ESL teacher at ESO Vietnam.


As you might already know, ESL teachers (or employees in general) do not always have the same salary. Regardless if two people are doing the same job at the same company, the payment contract for each one of them can be different. For online ESL teachers, the dilemma is the same. There is clearly no exception – salary varies. Why? In the industry, there are many factors affecting one’s pay rate and usually these are experience or years of working on the same position, skills, nationality, level of the job (entry, managerial, top management level, etc.), performance during the interview, accepted counter offer, company pay structure, among other internal influences.


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