Linguage Inc. ESL Company Salary for ESL Teachers, Contract, Salary Reviews

Linguage is a Japanese-owned ESL company in Cebu City. Their teachers are Filipinos and they only cater to Japanese. They have courses for high school students and adults. The lesson materials are provided by the company: books in English that are aligned to the curriculum of the high school students’ institution and Business English for adult learners.

Linguage provides training for teachers before their first actual class, and it is Led by their skilled Trainer. This initiative prepares the new trainees/teachers while simultaneously enjoying the whole training program in a short period of time.

While many Filipino teachers seem to favor working for Japanese than other companies, it cannot be denied that not all Japanese-owned schools have satisfactory compensation package or hourly rate for teachers. Salary is by far the most intriguing, if not, the most important detail we always want to know about, right? So here it is.

Thanks to this anonymous person who shared with me a snippet of his service agreement or contract. 

As you can see, I had to blur some parts of the agreement for confidentiality purposes. This is just a proof that Linguage pays their teachers with this amount, and to be very clear, this does not mean that all teachers have the same rate. In most ESL schools whether it is online or office-based, employees’ salary vary. In the most basic sense, we are all aware of the fact that the rate varies based on different factors: experience, performance during the interview and demo, other skills, education, credentials or certification, among other things – so, manage your expectations.

”I am not perfectly sure if the teachers have different rates in Linguage, however I have a strong feeling that our rates per class are uniform.”

by a former Linguage teacher


The reviews below are from Jobstreet, Glassdoor, and Joblum.

Linguage accepts applicants who have no experience in ESL teaching, their application process is straightforward, and they offer a higher rate compared to other ESL schools in Cebu. So if you think this is something worthy of your time, then apply now. They are always hiring. Their website is

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