HiTutor Job Abroad, Requirements For ESL Teachers In Taiwan, How To Apply

There are many reasons why Taiwan is one of the sought-after countries to work for. Filipino teachers and other expats find it a good place to teach. Jobs for ESL teachers are teeming, requirements are simple, minimal and straightforward, and most importantly, the pay is generous.

Do you want to teach English in Taiwan?

It’s no secret that working in Taiwan as an English teacher is a great opportunity because of numerous factors: clement weather, fair compensation, low cost of living, friendly and safe community for expats, convenient transportation, among other things. Essentially, it’s a fantastic way to experience life abroad and learn a different culture while simultaneously earning a decent living.

Have you heard of HiTutor and curious of what they require during the application?

Kindly see the email from HiTutor below with the list of requirements on how to get started.

Here’s the link of the online application form: https://forms.gle/YSkmKT8P5XyEBrin6

If you have specific questions about the application or would like to inquire about anything related to HiTutor jobs in Taiwan, you may contact the HR Supervisor of HiTutor with email hitutor-hr@esldewey.com Just a disclaimer though, I am not affiliated with the company nor paid of promoting them – this is only for informational purposes.

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Good luck!

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