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Teach interactive group classes to Spanish and Portuguese-speaking students. This online English school caters to young and adult learners from South and Latin America. As a remote teacher, you’ll be responsible in providing classes to a maximum of four students per group class and one class lasts for 25 minutes.

Originally, Open English strictly accepts native English speakers from countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South America. Lately, there’s been so much information online that teachers from Asia including the Philippines were hired to teach at Open English. While the the application process can be quite competitive, this is a great opportunity for non-native English teachers.

What’s the salary of tutors at Open English?

Below is the proof of how much the company offers to an online ESL teacher from the Philippines.

  • Rates apply per minute of work. For example, if a tutor spends 569 minutes waiting for students
    and 2090 minutes in class, the calculation that LATINHIRE will make is the following:
    (569*[Payment for Waiting Time]/60) + (2090*[Payment for Working Time]/60).
  • For the Waiting time to be counted, the tutor must be logged in to the system(s) defined by the
    LatinHire coordinators. At the time of this Agreement, the system to stay logged in is Slack.
  • When a student doesn’t show up for a pre-scheduled class, then the time the tutor is asked to
    remain online waiting for the student is considered “Working Time”, while the rest of the time is
    considered “Waiting Time”. At the date of this Agreement, tutors are asked to wait 15 minutes
    for students before declaring the session as a no-show.

Have you heard of LatinHire? Or have you read my previous post about it? Do you know that you can apply through them if you wish to be a teacher at Open English? If you missed out on my blog recent blog post, then, this might be the time to take a look at it – so you can connect the dots and start prepping your resume.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.

LatinHire recruit tutors for companies that provide online teaching services and one of their clients is Open English. This company is always on the hunt of talented teachers from around the world including the Philippines. They carefully pick the best tutors so you have to be prepared before sending your application. The tutors of LatinHire can choose to teach one or more of these subjects: English, Marketing, Economy, IT, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Accounting, etc.

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