EFFECTIVE Resume For Beginners, New Grad, No Experience – ESL Teaching Job

If your resume is too boring or unnecessarily lengthy, you will end up scratching your head for weeks or months. What you should be aiming for is to have a resume that leads to HR managers inviting you to interviews. Yes right interviews! What’s the point of making a resume if the end goal isn’t getting any responses from companies, right?

Regardless if you are experienced or not, there are effective ways to ace the first step of job application. My first advice is to not take your resume for granted.

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Below is a sample resume for someone who has no experience in ESL teaching (or any other jobs), fresh graduate and not Education major. I created this resume myself using Canva (free).

I personally made this entry-level resume for someone like you. I hope that this will give you a general idea of what works and what doesn’t. You may copy most of it if you wish and make sure to proofread your resume before submitting it.

NOTE: Please know that this specific ‘beginner’ resume that I made was the one I used to apply for an ESL teaching job ad. I purposefully wrote this to show you that this really works (I mean the resume that I made). I only applied for one ESL company (seriously) and within the day I was contacted by the HR team. So if you listened to the recording on my YouTube channel, you’ll know. The phone interview was the second step of the application, also known as the initial interview stage. I strongly suggest listening to the interview recording to know if I made it to the next step or not. Again, the resume with job applicant ”Anne” was just made-up and no company name nor confidential information were disclosed.

On the resume that I made, you’ll notice that it’s simple and straightforward, yet everything a recruiter will look for are there. It may not be the most preferred resume but remember, you’re novice. You just graduated and have no employment background. Therefore, when writing an entry-level resume, it’s reasonable for you to write as simple as your basic information and any other relevant details; of course a decent photo too. What matters is that the most vital information is there — nothing fancy.

Do not put too much flowery adjectives describing how awesome you are, something like ”I am responsible, goal-oriented, punctual, with excellent communication skills..” yada yada yada. Why?

Well, everyone can claim that. We can all pretend, assume, or be full of ourselves — it wouldn’t sound convincing and wouldn’t help your application either.

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When writing a resume, it’s vital to list out information that are only relevant to the specific job you’re applying for. Take time to think on what to write or include on your resume. Personally, whether I am a beginner or experienced, what works for me over the years is to not write a lengthy resume, nothing rambling, just aptly written, uncomplicated and credible resume – that’s it. That’s all it takes.

If you need more sample resumes or even a cover letter, and everything you need to successfully become an ESL teacher, check my previous posts. I have a plethora of ESL job related information on my website: online ESL companies that are currently hiring, sample introductions scripts for ESL teachers, among other useful topics. 

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