7 BEST Self-Introduction Scripts For Beginner ESL Teachers – New Grad, No Experience

Every company is different so when it comes to sending a self-introduction video, the instructions or guidelines vary. Although the requirements for a self-introduction are almost the same, it is important to always fulfill the instructions. What you will often see on an ESL job ad is one of the following:

  • 1-minute video introduction stating your name, age, course or major in college, years or experience, style of teaching.
  • 30-minute intro which includes your name, country of residence, years of experience, teaching philosophy.
  • Self-introduction video not exceeding 1 minute
  • 1-2 minutes introduction video
  • Perky introduction video using some props (for kids)
  • 1-minute intro video with answers of the questions given to you

1. Hello!

My name is Momo from the Philippines. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education with a background in language exchange. I’ve been using a few online apps to make friends with diverse people and I loved it. I’ve met many of them and we’ve talked about each other’s’ languages and cultures. 

I’m excited to meet you in class. See you soon!

2. Hi,

I’m Momo and I live in the Philippines. Have you been here? I’m sure we can talk about many interesting stories like travel and food.

I hope to see you soon!

3. Hello there!

My name is Momo and I’m 22 years old. I’m a nursing graduate who has a strong passion for teaching. I love talking to foreigners and learn each other’s’ culture and languages.

I hope we get along. See you in my virtual classroom soon!

4. Hi there!

It’s Monica. I’m 22 years of age from the Philippines. I love interacting with diverse people and just like you, I’m a language learner too. Currently, I’m studying Japanese so I know exactly how you feel.

I’m sure we can talk about many different topics.

I can’t wait to meet you. See yah!

5. Hello,

My name Momo and just like you, I love learning and improving myself. I’m a fresh graduate but with strong affinity in sharing my knowledge in English – plus I love talking to diverse people.

How about you?

I’m excited to meet and hear your story. See you soon!

6. Hi,

Call me Momo. I’m from the Philippines. My major in college was Business Administration but I love the role of an ESL teacher. In my class, you can guarantee that I’ll talk about a variety of topics and my classes will always be fun and respectful.

I can’t wait to have a class with you! See you soon!

7. Hi there!

I’m Momo. I’d love the idea of teaching kids and adults of all levels. I can talk about a variety of topics and my focus is my learners’ goals.

I can’t wait to see you in my class soon – bye!


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