Sample Resume That Works! For Aspiring ESL Teachers With No Experience

I’ve been getting a ton of emails from people who wish to work for ‘my company’. Well, just to set the record straight, I do not own a company – specifically an ESL company. I have websites but not a physical school where I hire teachers.

There is no week that I don’t get resumes from random people seeking for ESL teaching jobs. What they don’t understand is that, my blog ‘Timeless English’ is only a place where I write about online jobs, online ESL companies to apply for, introduction scripts, among other ESL-related topics – not an online teaching platform.

This is why I’ve decided to write this article because some of the individuals who contacted me are those who have no ESL teaching experience. Perhaps they didn’t read the entire blog post and just quickly concluded from the title or the thumbnail they see that my site is a ‘real’ school.

I noticed that something was wrong from the resumes that were sent to me by people with ‘no experience’ and ‘new graduates’: the input on their resumes were unnecessarily lengthy and detailed. If I were an employer or a hiring manager, the chance of getting invited for an interview is very slim.

I made a sample resume for everyone who wish to land an ESL teaching job. This can also be helpful to those who are in other industries and don’t know how to begin writing their very first resume.

So how does an effective resume look like?

Below is ONLY a sample resume I created through Canva. The information you see is all just made-up. However, you can copy the same exact words or whatever you want to grab from this example.

As you can see on this sample resume, it’s straightforward and the details you see are basic, relevant or the most important information a hiring manager would ultimately look for. Think of it as saving someone’s time or not annoying the person who’s checking it.  Hiring managers or employers are very busy people so they don’t read everything you put on your resume – so at least make it as short as possible while making sure that it still conveys your worth.

Although longer resumes may be needed for specific professions like in education and academia, most employers and hiring experts prefer a one-page resume. Trust me, this resume works! I mean it did work. I experimented with this resume and applied for 5 online ESL companies on the same day. Guess what? I was invited for an interview from all 5 companies I applied for.

You can use the same technique and you have nothing to lose. All you need to do is go to Canva (a website where you can create a beautiful resume or any other stuff you like). I use Canva for free and if you want to use all their features, you can upgrade to Premium. There are unlimited designs that you can choose from. In my case, I chose the minimalist style resume.

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