For Filipino Job Seekers: 14 Companies In Japan HIRING NOW 2023

This might be the answer to your question. I’ve been glued to a computer for as long as I can remember so just imagine the learning, discoveries and how I’ve come so far using this ever genius machine. You probably expect me to know a plethora of information, right? Well, you are right! This is why I created this website: to share my thoughts and experience to everyone who might be needing it.

Please don’t skip some details in order to fully understand and benefit from this post. I promise you won’t regret.

Lately, I came across someone who emailed me about a job. She was desperately looking for work. Perhaps she saw my blog somewhere else so she contacted me without hesitation. Undoubtedly, she never read or took time to understand about what my website is all about. She thought I am an employer or Timeless English is an online school. She sent her credentials with a quite touching cover letter. Anyway, fast forward to today, I’ve realized that many Filipinos are naive even the ones who are highly professional.

So, if you happen to be someone just like her who’s badly needing a job to support your family or you want to escape from your current situation, then, you might want to consider these things: (in no particular order)

1. Go To POEA website (not the official website which is POEA online):

In this website, you can find available jobs for Filipinos in many different countries with its corresponding detailed information about the job. Make sure to make an account first or create a profile.

2. If you are not keen on working overseas, I suggest finding jobs at Jobstreet:

3. Companies or hiring managers are swamped with emails from applicants so oftentimes they can’t reply on a timely manner. In this case, the most effective way to increase your chances of getting noticed is to make a follow up by phone (if you can). You call them during the day (not in the evening!) but make sure you practice or prepare what to say beforehand. If you haven’t hear from a company in more than two weeks, then, you have to move on and focus on your next prospect.

4. I find it effective to call the company before I apply. Companies normally indicate their contact information at the bottom of their job ad so when you find yourself undecided or you have an important question to ask, then, go do it. It won’t hurt your future application for as long as you don’t ask stupid questions (especially something that’s already stated on the job ad).

5. If a company or recruiter asked money or payment in any form during your application, regardless of the amount (even if it’s just 50 pesos), under NO circumstances, DO NOT proceed with it. You’ll likely to encounter this if you found the job on Facebook and other social media sites so be extra careful. Although there are many other legit companies, recruiters, agencies, job postings online, it can’t be 100% avoided. So, the least thing you can do to protect yourself from scams and deceptive ads that may steal your information is to go with something that is verifiable. Some of the many things to help you verify the legitimacy of a job posting is by thoroughly researching it: finding jobs from reputable websites, gathering more information about the company or agency, checking the POEA website to see if the agency is registered or still active or forever banned, among other things.

6. If you aim to work overseas, I strongly suggest following that country’s embassy website. For instance, your dream country is Japan. Go to Facebook and follow their Facebook page or any other social media accounts that they have.

What I recommend is to follow the embassy on Facebook. When you’re logged in to your Facebook account, just search (for example) Embassy of Japan in the Philippines (if you’re aiming to work in Japan). Once you found it, make sure you follow their page so that you’ll be updated in every activity or event they have in the country and most importantly, you’ll know about job opportunities bound for Japan. All embassies like the embassy of Japan in the Philippines post their announcements on Facebook whenever they have job vacancies. They post a job ad looking for a housekeeper for their embassy office, ESL teachers and caregivers bound for Japan, among other job positions. You wouldn’t want to miss this kind of opportunity, right? This is one of the most effective, safe and smart way of finding a job in or out of the country.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only so if you decide to push through with your application with any  of these companies I mentioned, then, do it at your own risk.

7. Over a month ago, I joined an online job fair about job opportunities bound for Japan. Although I didn’t attend the actual conference via Zoom, I gained some useful insights on how they employ Filipinos to work in Japan through the information they provided on their Facebook page. I may not know everything that was covered during the webinar, but the details I have gathered will surely be beneficial for you (if you’re keen on working in Japan as a Caregiver). I can only share about caregiver job opportunities because it’s by far the most in demand and the fastest way to secure a job for Filipinos, plus you don’t necessarily need to be a speaker of Japanese (the company will shoulder the Japanese language training for you, among other things). I did not push through with the online conference because I figured that the specific job I was supposed to apply for was not part of the topic.

If you’re interested in working as a caregiver in Japan, then, you may check these 14 companies below in no particular order or use the link to know more:



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