How to Unsubscribe or Cancel Mobile App Subscriptions – Super Quick and Easy

I’m sure you’re one of the millions of people who were scammed, I mean annoyed trying to figure out how on earth you can stop a mobile app from taking money from you every month.  Thank me later!

Don’t worry because you’re not alone. I’ve been a victim to this tactic too! One of the apps that has this almost impossible tactic of cancelling your subscription is SNOW. It’s a camera filter with more than 200 million users. Below, you’ll see screenshots of how I successfully cancel my subscription.

NOTE: Do not use your mobile phone to do this. Based on my annoying experience, there is no way you can cancel subscriptions through your phone. I tried using iPhone and android but it just wasted my life trying to figure it out.

STEP 1: Using your PC or laptop, go to Google search and type the app you want to unsubscribe. As you can see on the image below, I searched SNOW because it was the app I wanted to cancel.

If you want to save time, continue reading to know the step-by-step process on how I did it. If you’re thinking that maybe there’s a video on YT telling you how to do it, then, you’re wrong. There isn’t a single helpful thing on the internet that talks about this topic. Ultimately, again, you cannot cancel your SNOW app subscription (or other apps) using your smartphone or iPad. So, what you need is a PC (personal computer) or laptop.

STEP 2: On the upper right hand corner, you’ll see your Google account profile picture (if you set up a prof pic) or name initials (if you only put your first and last name); click it.

STEP 3: Click ‘Payments & Subscriptions’.

STEP 4: Click ‘Subscriptions’ to see the app you want to cancel.

STEP 5: Find the mobile application (app) you wish to unsubscribe and look for ‘Manage’ on the right corner, then click it.

STEP 6: Hit that ‘Cancel Subscription’.

STEP 7: Select a reason of why you’re cancelling your subscription and click ‘Continue’.

Step 8: Smash that ‘Cancel Subscription’ button!

Step 9: Click ‘OK’.

Final step: Once you see ‘Cancels on __’ & ‘Resubscribe’, it means you successfully cancelled or unsubscribed to that app. Now, it’s time to party!

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