Voice Over Scripts For Airline and Airport Announcements – Cebu Pacific and PAL

Finding the right script to practice for a job or whatever gig you have can be really frustrating and time-consuming because there’s not much resources you can find on the internet with topics specific to airline announcement scripts. No wonder why I received a ton of emails from my followers requesting me to write more. In fact, when I published my very first blog about voice over scripts, the response or views immediately skyrocketed.

Cebu Pacific In-flight Safety Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen. Please direct your attention to your cabin crew who will demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft. Each seat is provided with a seat belt. To fasten, push ends together. Tighten the seat belt by pulling loose end. To unfasten, lift top of buckle and pull the end to release. In case of water landing, your life vest is found under your seat. Remove sharp objects from your body. To don, slip vest over the head. Take tape around the waist and push end to buckle. Pull tape to tighten. When outside the aircraft, pull inflation tags to inflate vest. Manual inflation is done by means of the red tubes. Blow to increase air, and push pins inward to release air. Light automatically illuminates once the battery is immersed in water. Do not inflate the life vest inside the aircraft. Please be reminded that unauthorized removal of life vest from the aircraft, constitutes theft and is punishable by law. In case of rapid change in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically drop from the compartment above you. Immediately grab the mask and pull it towards you. Put it over your nose and mouth. Pull elastic band sideways for snug fit and breathe normally. Put your own mask first before assisting others. Keep it on until you are advised to remove it. In case of emergency evacuation, follow the lights that will lead you to the exits. For further information, please refer to the passenger briefing card found in your seat pocket. This aircraft is equipped with emergency exit signs found in the cabin. The location of the nearest exit maybe behind you. Each cabin door is equipped with a slide graft. In any eventuality, guests must leave their bags and immediately proceed to the usable exits. There are also fire extinguishers found in the cabin. Operation of the device is indicated on the equipment itself.

Cebu Pacific Landing Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen, we just landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Cebu Pacific Air welcomes you to Manila. On behalf of your flight deck crew headed by Captain Lipad with first officer Langit and the rest of the team, we thank you for choosing Cebu Pacific: your airline of choice.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) Preboard Announcement

Mabuhay! Welcome to Philippine Airlines! This is the preboarding announcement for flight PR75 to South Korea. We are now inviting those passengers with small children and any passengers requiring special assistance to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you.

Airport Boarding Announcement

Final call for boarding Final call for boarding for the last remaining passengers, last remaining passengers for Philippine Airlines flight PR234 bound for Melbourne. Please board the aircraft now to gate 2. This is your final call on board please.

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