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    • BDO Unauthorized Transaction. How to report and what to do.
      I have experienced this lately so let me help you. By the way, I'm from Cebu City, so some information may vary a bit. Here's what I did exactly. You may follow these steps to save your frustration. 😀 First, prepare all these info: > Account number (you can find this on your receipt or rectangular slip when you first received your BDO card . it consists of 16 digit numbers. this is different from your card number that has only 12 digits) > Know the type of card you have , example is (debit) ''mastercard'' . You will see it on the card. The CS agent will ask you that. > Know the date of the transaction you are reporting and the amount . > You'll also be asked for your complete name and phone number. Now, Second step is, to call BDO customer service, 180086318000 . [Be patient coz the line is always busy. It may take 5-15 minutes. When you speak to an agent, you'll be asked to provide and confirm some information. CSR will then advise you on what to do such as, blocking your BDO account (CSR will do it on their end .this means that once your account is blocked, you can no longer use it. this is to avoid future unauthorized transactions coz scammers now have your info. Don't worry coz you will get a brand new card for free. So basically, all info will remain, your balance, whatever that is..except the number of the card. In addition, you'll be advised to file a dispute via online or in-person. I did mine online . ] Third, Filing a dispute or getting a dispute form. [log-in to https://www.bdo.com.ph/personal/accounts . under Personal>click Accounts>then find Forms. Once you clicked''Forms'' you'll see what types of disputes to choose from. Choose Unauthorized Point-of-Sale (POS) transaction ---- Assuming you're done with this , next is to take note of the reference number, you will need this when going to the bank for your new card.] Lastly, go to your BDO bank [the bank where you received your card]. By the way, you will get an SMS/email from BDO within 5 days to notify you about the result of the investigation. I hope this helps! 🙂 #BDO, #BDOunauthorizedtransaction, #howtocontactbdo, #howtoreportbdoscam,
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    • 11 months, 1 week ago


    • Online ESL Companies that Pays $4 and Up
      Hello guys! Do you know some companies that pay from $4 and above ? Please share your insights or experiences here so others will know. Let's help one another. Perhaps, you can post a screenshot of your payslip or invoice. 🙂
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