14 Simple Home Business Ideas For Filipinos That Need Little To No Capital

1. Selling Preloved or Secondhand Items

-There are two ways you can sell used items: selling your own things or buying wholesale goods then resell them like ukay-ukay.
-If you have a gazillion of clothing or thought of shifting to minimalist lifestyle, then it is time for you to declutter. Set aside the things you do not need anymore and recycle them. As long us they can still be useful for others, then you can still profit from them.
-Even though the clothes, shoes, bags, furniture look worn out, there are many ways to make use of them: DIY fix them, paint them to look new, among others. When you sell them, it is best to carefully curate and accurately describe them.

2. Lend Money or Any Tangible Items

-Whether you are shopaholic or frugal, there is always something you can lend to your friends, colleagues, or neighbors, so instead of letting them borrow for free — why not leverage from what you can offer.
-You can lend items like books, bicycle, laptop, camera, clothing
-This is not the time to shy away or feel embarrassed from opportunities like this where you can make use of the things you already have. At the end of the day, you need money to get through in this time of pandemic.

3. Selling Rice and Assorted Goods (Sari-Sari Store)

-Back in the day when we had a sari-sari, I remember my father placed a signage “Credit is good but we need cash.”
-Growing up, I noticed that we earned more profit by selling rice and with little to no credit from neighbors/customers.
-It is important to maintain a somewhat strict rules when it comes to customers debt like having a credit limit.
-It is best to apply the mantra “There is no family and friends in business” if your goal is to grow your business.
-While sari-sari store is the most common and popular small business in the Philippines, it is not always profitable for many Filipinos, so it is vital to be wise or work smarter, not harder.
-If someone has a simple sari-sari (with no employees), it is guaranteed that most customers do not pay upfront — that the business will mainly rely on “take now, pay later.”

4. Babysitting or Home Daycare

-You can either do this on someone’s house or set up a space at home that is enough for you to accommodate a few kids.
-For example: if you live in a city where you are somehow close to your neighbors, then the option of babysitting can be a good side hustle.
-It is vital to consider the location, age of children you are willing to look after to, people around you, and your reputation in the community or neighborhood since babysitting or daycare business (especially a freelance one; not licensed) heavily relies on trust. If you are new to the place and you are offering this kind of business, then no one would be interested.
-If you fit the qualifications, you can start putting up  signage outside of your house/apartment and share it with friends so that it will be known to people near you.

5. Pet Daycare

-Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who are adopting pets, so it is no surprise that 1 in 5 households need a pet daycare where they can leave their fur-babies while they are away from work.
-It is very tricky to find a place for pets to stay for hours or days while their owners are busy doing other things. This is also one of the reasons why many end up abandoning their pets — coz of lack of places/facilities that support them.
-In this kind of home business, it is important to consider a lot of things before taking the plunge of starting: making sure you know what you are doing, you must be an absolute animal lover, can handle pets like dogs or cats, experienced in handling the kinds of pets (breeds) you are willing to babysit, knowledgeable about the vaccination thing in pets, aware of the do’s and don’ts, among other things (for instance: a large breed dogs should be separate from small breed dogs).

6. Home Massage

-This is particularly easy for someone who has a background in massage therapy. However, anyone can offer a home service massage if they feel like they can satisfy their customers. Even someone like me who is not good at it can offer this service.
-There are different types of massage you can offer: face massage, foot massage, whole body massage.
-Since the service is done at the comfort of your home (or someone’s home), it is important to start with a price that is lower than that of a massage shop.

7. Home Salon

-Unlike a home massage business where you do not need a lot of paraphernalia, in a home salon you need tools that are pleasing to customers. It also has to be regularly washed or sterilized. Therefore, it needs more investment and effort.
-This can be a lucrative home business if you become well-known and highly recommended by your customers.
-When you are in demand, customers will keep on coming back to you and you will have to expand your business in no time. Of course this can only be possible if you have great skills in manicure, pedicure, hair and makeup, among others.
-What makes it an awesome side hustle is that, first, you do not need to pay for space rent, second, you can get tips from customers every time you do a service (which is also the same with massage.)

8. Housekeeping or Doing Other People’s Laundry

-Though you cannot do this at your own house, as long as your client is near you, this can still be a good side hustle.
-One example is our housekeeper, she is our neighbor so every time we need someone to help my mother at home like general cleaning or doing the laundry, she assists my mom once a week. She does this to many households within our neighborhood and it is her only source of income. In fact, she makes a decent amount of money doing it. She even said that her overall income in one month is almost three times bigger than other people’s 9-5 jobs.

9. Cook and Sell

-In this type of business, you can either open a small food house (carenderia), hire someone to sell it for you, or be a vendor of your own food. Some sample products you can offer are pastries (bread, cookies, cakes, muffins), meal dishes (suman or bud-bud, barbeque, pritong isda), and snack recipes or desserts (banana cue, camote cue, halo-halo).
-This would be a fantastic livelihood option for individuals who have a talent in cooking or baking.
-Everybody love to eat and food is a daily necessity for all, so you can never go wrong with food business no matter where you are.
-For as long as you serve good food, then people will keep on buying.

10. Home-made Milk Tea

-Since this is still the trend, why not start a milk tea business at home.
-Millions of people go nuts with milk teas especially the young ones, so experiment with some best seller milk teas first then sell them to neighbors or friends.
-Anyone can make his/her own milk tea just by watching YouTube plus almost everything you need to know are on the internet.
-If you are a huge fan of this sweet beverage, then it is time to make that business happen.

11. Plant Vegetables And Fruits, Then Sell

-This is particularly feasible for people who live in the countryside or areas where they can usefully grow plants.
-While rural areas are the ones ideal for gardening or growing plants, it is also possible for individuals who are in the city (with a small apartment or space; whether they grow plants indoor or outdoor) — some examples of edible plants that can grow healthily inside the house are lettuce, spring onions, kale, bean sprouts, spinach, among others.
-There is a ton of information you can on the web about growing your own edible plants no matter your circumstances are. You may check Pinterest and YouTube for some helpful tips and ideas — I guarantee that you will never run out of options to choose from. 

12. Sell Handmade Crafts 

-If you are a huge fan of DIYs, then this is probably perfect for you coz not only you enjoy what you do but most importantly you can earn a living from it. 
-This is especially beneficial for someone who is often active on social media since digital marketing is now how people do business and attract customers.
-Examples of sellable handmade crafts are Christmas decorations, beaded jewelries, crochet, t-shirt printing, paintings

13. Rent Out or Share Your Space

-This is doable for people who live in a huge house, and you do not need to be the owner of it in order to accommodate a guest or rent out a space to someone. Airbnb is an example of this.
-If you live alone in a small space like a studio-type condo unit, you can find a roommate so that you can divide the rent and save money. 

14. E-loading Station

-This is the kind of side hustle that need a very small capital to start that is why you can find many loading station anywhere in the country and anyone can do this (like students, housewives, grannies). 
-Many variety stores (or sari-sari) offer this type of service where customers can buy a load in as low as 5 pesos. While the profit varies on the amount of load being purchased is not lucrative, it is still something worth considering for individuals who are eager to earn money on a daily basis.

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